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Travel Photo of the Day: Vietnamese Melon

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Watermelon is a very popular fruit in Vietnam. It is so beloved that they have a number of varieties available – some are local and some are imported.

Cucumber watermelon, or dua hau chuot, is also known as a tiny watermelon. It’s light green in color and crunchy like a cucumber and tastes a bit sour.

The white flesh watermelon or cream fleshed suika is an expensive variation but a crowd favorite because of it’s creamy white interior and has a refreshing and slightly sweet taste.

The pepino watermelon is a cross between a watermelon and pear melon. It’s also known as pepino dulce in Spanish or yellow striped melon.

The yellow rind watermelon is yellow on the outside and red on the inside. This type of watermelon is delicious, sweet, and refreshing.

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