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Travel Photo of the Day: African Leopard

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This little cutie belongs to yet another struggling species classified as ‘vulnerable’ by The International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Species.

In spite of this, the African Leopard is an amazingly athletic predator which can run as fast as 58 miles per hour and jump as high as 20 ft forward! They are mostly nocturnal, solitary animals who spend most of their time in trees and away from other predators. Their diet adapts to their environment and ranges from insects and birds to large mammals or reptiles. At night they are most active and come close to apex predator status, but during the day they are quite vulnerable due to their solitary nature making them experts in hiding with their beautiful camouflaged coats.

We’ve been very lucky to encounter and photograph a number of elusive leopards on our African Safaris. One of the best places to spot them is in East Africa (Kenya & Tanzania). Join us on our next Tanzania group tour!

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