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Photo of the Day: Antarctica Seals

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antarctic group tour

There are 35 known species of seal in the world and you can find 6 of these in Antarctica. These 6 also make up the majority of the seal population on our planet. These are Antarctic Fur Seals, Leopard Seals, Ross Seals, Southern Elephant seals, Crabeater Seals and Weddell Seals.

Because of the seals’ beautiful fur coats and oily blubber, they were targeted and hunted in the 18th and 19th century. This was also unfortunately one of the reasons that pushed for the initial Antarctic explorations. Fortunately, they are now a protected species and thrive in Antarctica. As many as 4 million Antarctic Fur Seals may congregate on South Georgia (small island owned by the British somewhere to the north of Antarctica) in the breeding season.

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