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israel group tour

Visiting the Holy Land: Israel Group Tours

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israel group tour

People have a diverse amount of reasons for visiting Israel. Perhaps for some it is a religious pilgrimage, a way for the faithful to reconnect with the source of their religion. For others, it is to see the breathtaking natural wonders, the gorgeous beaches and idyllic hills. And still for some, it is to soak in this Middle Eastern country’s unique and diverse culture, either through its cuisine or through its people. But almost always, people who have been to Israel say that it is a destination for everyone.

Joining Israel group tours lets you experience the best of everything the country has to offer. We have rounded up some of the most unique Israel travel destinations.

Israel Highlights and Features

israel group tour1. Explore Jerusalem underground

While attractions above ground are always welcome, exploring the underground tunnels where Jerusalem is believed to be born is unlike anything else. This archaeological site is an extension of ancient Jerusalem found underneath the neighborhood of Silwan. This extensively excavated site is open to visitors, who get to walk the same tunnels that the ancient residents used 2,000 years ago. There are over two kilometers of pathways you can explore underneath the busy streets of Jerusalem. Among the most famous tunnel is Hezekiah’s Tunnel whose story was quoted in the Bible.

2. Float in the Dead Sea

Have you really been to Israel if you did not go to the Dead Sea? Perhaps one of the most popular attractions in the country, the Dead Sea is not your typical beach getaway. Due to its extremely saline water, no fish are able to survive, thus its name. However, the Dead Sea is actually known to possess healing properties. That is why people, locals and tourists alike, flock to the Dead Sea, cover themselves in mineral-rich mud, and float in the salty waters. It is almost like a typical day in the spa. To the side of the Dead Sea is Masada, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We recommend climbing in the morning to see the ruins while the sun rises over the Dead Sea. This site is also ideal for your Israel photography adventure. You can also catch a glimpse of the neighboring Jordan from Masada — which is why many find it ideal to include a trip to Jordan when visiting Israel.

3. Experience ‘Burning Man’ in Israel

An offshoot of Burning Man festival, Israel’s Midburn festival is a world unto itself. Held every year in Negev Desert since 2014, Midburn is a 5-day event honoring art and self-expression. This is not a music festival, however, with official stages. Instead, Midburn is a festival where israel group tourpeople camp and witness incredible art displays all while in the middle of Israel’s stunning desert landscape.

4. Enjoy wine

Wine tasting in Israel? Why, yes! Since the biblical times, grapes have been grown in this country, all thanks to its ideal climate. Israel’s wines are not only historically significant, they are also admired around the world. Among the best places for wine tasting are Ramat Dalton, the so-called ‘Israeli Napa Valley,’ and Negev Highlands, inspired from the ancient Nabateans.

Israel group tours offer a wide range of activities and attractions. It is amusing to realize that Israel does not only pride itself on its Biblical past, but also on its rich landscapes and culture.

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