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The Trendiest Place on Earth: South Korea Group Tours

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Who has not heard of South Korea at this point? This East Asian country has been on everyone’s mind for the past few years: partly thanks to the movie Parasite, music group BTS, and those delicious eating videos (aka mukbang) on YouTube, among others. While it is true that South Korea is proving to be a leader in entertainment (K-pop and K-drama, anyone?), it boasts so much more. South Korea group tours include a mix of modern and traditional attractions.

Whether you are traveling for a real-life feel of your favorite Korean series, for the food, or just for the heck of it—South Korea will deliver an experience in the best ways.

We have listed down below some of our favorite South Korea travel destinations and activities.

South Korea Highlights and Features

1. Try their samgyeopsal

Do not let its name intimidate you—samgyeopsal literally means three-layered meat and refers to grilled pork belly. If you have been following Korean cuisine, you most probably have seen their unique way of eating meat: fresh from the grill on top of the table surrounded by an array of side dishes (or banchan), which includes kimchi, lettuce, and salads. It is at the heart of every Korean gathering and must be on top of every visitor’s must-do list. Luckily, there are many Korean barbecue (KBBQ) places in and outside Seoul. While you’re at it, don’t forget to try their other popular dishes, such as kimchi stew and bulgogi.

2. Visit Bukhansan National Park

Once you have your fill of delicious Korean food, it is time to go for a little walk. Hiking is among the well-loved activities in the country. Locals, old and young alike, enjoy quick nature excursions to escape from the busy city life. If you are basing your trip in Seoul, the best place to go is Bukhansan National Park, located near the capital’s northern border. It features almost a hundred hiking trails leading to temples, over 1,300 plant species, and streams. If you are up for it, take the trail to Baegundae, the highest peak, where the most spectacular views of downtown Seoul await you. Make this as one of the stops in your South Korea photography adventure.

3. Relax at a bathhouse

A casual Korean spa day is anything but ordinary. Also an important part of their culture are bathhouses or jjimjjilbang. These heated rooms become spaces for locals to relax, converse, and pamper themselves through various health and beauty rituals. Bigger bathhouses even offer outdoor swimming pools, restaurants, salons, and karaoke rooms, in addition to the baths and saunas. Jjimjjilbangs can be open 24 hours a day and are gender-segregated except for a few common rooms. Just like Korean BBQ, these bathhouses are literally found everywhere. One of the more popular places is Dragon Hill Spa in Seoul.

The list of experiences above are just some of the many things you can do while in South Korea. This country is the perfect marriage of the traditional and the contemporary, of cosmopolitan high-rises and natural peaks. We can go on and on to convince you to make this country your next destination, but indeed you have to experience South Korea group tours yourself. Just like most visitors, you might just find yourself coming back for more.

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