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Slovenia group tour

Slovenia Group Tours: Your Access to the Great Outdoors

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Slovenia group tour

Slovenia conjures images of sweeping mountains, sloping alps, and mysterious caves. Of course, it is also worth mentioning the rich history, vibrant culture, and museums that have survived to tell it all. Indeed, Slovenia Group Tours are your best option to see everything this Central European country has to offer.

If it is your first time in Slovenia and you are not sure where to start, the list below might just help you. We have put together some of the must-see and must-experience Slovenia travel destinations.


Slovenia Highlights and Features

Slovenia group tour1. Predjama Castle

What is a trip to Slovenia without taking a tour of its castles? While there are several majestic castles in the country, Predjama Castle perhaps takes the center stage both for its location and history. This magnificent Renaissance structure is the largest cave castle in the world. Cave castle, you say? Why, yes! Predjama was built inside a cave and was virtually impenetrable. Legend has it that its owner was killed by the Holy Roman Empire while sitting on the toilet. Today, tours are offered, including a glimpse of the castle’s secret tunnel. Despite its location, it is easily accessible and can be done through a quick day trip from Ljubljana.

2. Velika Planina

Right on top of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps exists a mountaintop unlike anywhere else. Velika Planina (which literally means “big pasture plateau”) is often compared to the mythical Narnia or J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth. This real-life fantasy land offers a rolling meadow, dotted by low wooden houses and backdropped by the snowcapped Alps. More than the views, this area also features its own “microculture,” with the locals enjoying their own traditional costumes, food, houses, and traditions. You may travel to Velika Planina by car or through a 10-minute gondola ride from Kamniska Bistrica. You can ski during the winter or rent cottages throughout the year. There is a little uphill walk to the site, but the top is completely flat, making it ideal for walking, even when with children. This is also the perfect destination for your Slovenia photography adventure. Easily recreate your favorite scenes from Narnia or The Lord of the Rings.

Slovenia group tour3. Bled Island and Castle

When you are in Slovenia, this destination must not be missed. This tiny island perfectly encapsulates almost everything that this country offers. First is the Bled Castle, an iconic landmark teetering on a cliff overlooking the picture-perfect lake. The island also offers private swimming spots and short hiking trails—just the things you will need for the ideal commune with nature. To make your visit complete, try Bled’s famous dessert called the Bled Cream Cake. Spending at least a full day in Bled Island is highly recommended.

Many times, when we think of Slovenia, we find ourselves out of words. It is almost impossible to fully articulate the serene beauty of this place without sounding redundant. In the most honest sense, in matters of Slovenia and its grandeur, words often fail us.

So what is left to do then? Seeing the country yourself.

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