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Photo of the Day: Windmills in Azores

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Known as the Hawaii of Europe, the Azores archipelago is not enjoying a booming tourism industry thanks, in part, to the numerous windmills around the different islands.

It was not until the 16th century that these windmills began construction and it wasn’t discovered until about a century after. These were essential to the local economy because grinding cereals as the cornerstone of their production of food.

It also has a very significant historical meaning as it is an important part of the island’s heritage being colonized by Portuguese and Flemish settlers. The windmills have a very unique rectangular grid sail which is typical of Flemish origins while others have a triangular sails which is a typical Portuguese origin.

Most of the mills you see are not operational and are only used for tourism and preservation purposes.

Join us at our next Portugal Azores group tour to see these for yourselves!

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