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Offbeat Getaway That You Deserve: Andaman Islands Tours

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What does a typical dream vacation consist of?

To begin: Gorgeous beach. Never-ending summer days. Blue, blue waters. Lots, and we mean lots, of flora and fauna.

And then there is the consideration about the crowds. This is a get-“away” after all. We want to get away from people as much as we could, to enjoy some peace and quiet. But with the world slowly waking up again and revenge travelers on the move, it is hard to choose a destination that is not flocked by tourists. The more popular ones have sold-out flights, fully booked hotels, and overexcited visitors. Thankfully, the world is big enough, and there are many untouched places to explore… like the Andaman Islands.

These islands comprise an archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. The around 300 islands are revered for their white sand beaches lined with palm trees, tropical rainforests, and a teeming marine life.

Curious what Andaman Islands group tours are like? We have listed down some of our favorite Andaman Islands destinations and activities below.

Andaman Islands Features and Highlights

1. Go-kart riding on the sea

It is only the first adventure, but you are already in for the thrill. Seakart is a beloved adventure sport in the Andaman Islands where you ride and drive along the cost of Port Blair in a hybrid watercraft resembling a go-kart. It is thrilling and exciting but also safe and comfortable. The seakarts are unsinkable and “unflippable” and can hold three people. There is an instructor who will guide you as you drive. Swimming and driving skills are not required. There is even a complimentary DSLR photography to complete and capture the fun. Seakart Adventure is in Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Port Blair, Andaman Islands.

2. Watch the galaxy under your feet

…or your kayak. Bioluminescence is mostly familiar to many. You may have seen this in that one epic scene in Life of Pi. But bioluminescence is not just in the movies. It is a real thing that you can experience in Andaman Islands. On Havelock Island, row your boat through phytoplankton-lit waters. This phenomenon is only possible during no moon nights, so make sure to arrange kayak tours in advance. It is an incredible experience, being surrounded by light on a moonless night. You may bring your night gears too and make this a stop in your Andaman Islands photography adventure. Imagine the photos to be had!

3. Go under on a (semi) submarine ride

The marine life in Andaman Islands is so rich and deserves to be at the center stage. The Coral Safari Semi Submarine ride in Port Blair lets you go underwater and witness the archipelago’s full marine life. It’s like being in a moving aquarium, except the plethora of fish roam free. The entire ride is 2 hours long and is best if booked in advance.

So far, we have listed some unique things to do in Andaman Islands. Honestly, our list barely covers all the fun you can have on Andaman Islands Group Tours. You really, really have to experience it yourself! You deserve it.

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