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Of Unique Spaces and Experiences: Sweden Group Tours

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There is something overly European about Sweden. Even if it is unfamiliar to some of us, it still feels as if it is so easy to locate on the map. Indeed, this Scandinavian country is not unpopular, but it still maintains some degree of obscurity that makes it ideal for anyone looking for an escape… from the “real world,” for a little while.

Right off the top of our heads, Sweden group tours are synonymous to rich wilderness, iconic Medieval cities, Viking lore, delicious food, and cosmopolitan cities. It has all the makings of your favorite European country and so much more.

We can go on and on about how this country is worthy to be on your travel bucket list, but why don’t we show you instead? Here are some of our favorite Sweden travel destinations and activities.

Sweden Highlights and Features

1. Stay in the world’s first ice hotel

Now, this is a “cold” welcome we won’t mind. While there are several other ice hotels (and similar iterations) around the world now, nothing is as stunning and elaborate as the first one in Kiruna, Sweden. This ice hotel has existed since 1990 and is rebuilt each year with ice, snow, and “snice” (a combination of the two). In December, all the frozen materials needed to build this 5,500-square-meter hotel are taken from the waters of the Torne River, and by April, everything returns to the waterway when the site melts. Some of the features you may find in the hotel are ice chandeliers, ice furnishings, and running fountains, among many others. The hotel is available every December until mid April, and is accessible by shuttle service or car or taxi from the Kiruna airport. Guided tours of the Icehotel are available year round and include a tour of the freezer warehouses. The structures are art themselves, so do not forget to include this in your Sweden photography adventure.

2. Go to a sauna

You will not not find a sauna in Sweden, but nothing compares to the golden egg-shaped sauna in Kiruna. Surrounded by the icy Arctic landscape, this “Solar Egg” stands 15 feet tall and reflects the white expanse of the field of snow on its 69 golden glass panes. Inside the piping hot sauna, one can relax in the heat and have conversations. The experience is truly something else and the structure itself is already worth coming for. The Solar Egg is scheduled to move locations over time. Visit their website for the schedule and locations.

3. Check into an underwater hotel

We know! Sweden is full of one-of-a-kind spaces, from ice hotels and solar eggs to an underwater hotel. Located in Västerås, the Utter Inn is a floating underwater hotel, art piece, and marine life observation station designed by Swedish artist Mikael Genberg. Now this isn’t a 5-star accommodation, obviously, but the experience is unlike anywhere else. This single-room hotel is divided into two parts: one part floats above water and holds the toilet and a small cooler. The second part is without question the main attraction: a bedroom three meters under water, with windows on all sides looking into the Swedish Lake Malaren. Guests are picked up from the port on an inflatable boat and are driven to the hotel where they can stay for a day.

Indeed, Sweden is not short of unique experiences. While there is always an option to stay in the cities, it is also worth exploring the different places outside. Sweden group tours will not disappoint.

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