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Of Mountain Gorillas and Waterfalls: Uganda Group Tours

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Part of the many joys of traveling is discovering the vast unknown, or at least the “yet to be discovered by flocks of tourists” unknown. The world is wide and this vastness offers us some comfort in knowing that discoveries are never ending!

Which brings us to Uganda.

It is a name familiar to many, but it is not a name that we often think of when discussing dream holiday vacations… which is a pity!

This landlocked country in East Africa is a treasure trove of wonders waiting to be opened. It features a marriage of wildlife and culture, of sprawling landscapes and even the strongest waterfalls. Uganda group tours are packed with sightseeing trips, cultural experiences, and a whole lot more.

Ready to go off the beaten path? Here are some of our recommended Uganda travel destinations and activities.

Uganda Highlights and Features

1. Visit Lake Bunyoni

Landlocked does not automatically mean dry and Uganda’s Lake Bunyoni is a testament to that. This stunning lake is surrounded by the greenest hills, small islands, and birds – a lot of birds! Living up to its name, which literally means “place of little birds,” Lake Bunyoni is ideal for birdwatching and boat trips across the lake. It is a beauty wherever you set your eyes on. We highly recommend going up to Arcadia Lodge to enjoy a delicious lunch with a view.

2. Make friends with chimpanzees

Chimpanzee tracking is extremely popular in Uganda and one you must not miss out on when visiting the country. You may choose between two options: chimpanzee tracking, where you spend an hour with these creatures; or chimpanzee habituation day, where you can spend a full day with them. The chimpanzees are wild but are used to humans and are very playful. You can go to Budongo Forest or Kibale Forest National Park to experience this. You can also include this in your Uganda photography adventure. The chimpanzees are photogenic, naturally!

3. Look at rock paintings

There is nothing like local art to really help one understand a country’s culture. The Nyero Rock Paintings in Kumi are made up of six rock shelters all painted in red and black geometric and abstract patterns. This rock art is the oldest in Uganda, dating between 3,000 and 12,000 years old. It is believed that the native herders from this region, the Karamojong tribe, are responsible for these paintings. The journey to see these paintings are just as exciting! There are no tour buses, so visitors are encouraged to rent their own car. A guided tour also includes a hike to the actual rock shelters, where you can explore gorgeous landscapes and equally strange rock formations along the way.

They are not on the list, but it goes without saying that you also need to visit their waterfalls! Our favorite is the Murchison Falls, also locally known as Kabalega Falls, which is a gorgeous burst from the White Nile River to Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert.

We could go on and on about why Uganda group tours are worth it, but honestly, it is always best to experience them yourself.

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