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ladakh india group tour

Ladakh India Group Tours: Off the Path and Serene

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ladakh india group tour

Perhaps not many are familiar with Ladakh, India, and understandably so. After all, this union territory has only opened to visitors in 1974 and is now slowly gaining popularity as a tourist destination.

Before Ladakh gets crowded with busy, hyperactive tourists, it is best to venture into this off-the-beaten path territory as early as you can.

What can you expect in Ladakh India group tours? We listed some of them below.

Ladakh India Highlights and Features

1. Go on a heritage walk 

What better way to get to know the rich history of a place than going on a walking tour? While in Ladakh, exploring Leh’s Old Town is a must. This area is a preserved maze of narrow lanes and brick houses. Get a glimpse of the historic Tibeto-Himalayan urban settlement in hopes of better understanding the ways of living of the earlier settlers. The walk includes Buddhist temples, chortens, and the LAMO arts center.

ladakh india group tour2. Watch the sun set 

Close to Leh is a favorite among Ladakh India travel destinations. This is especially perfect for those who seek for breathtaking views. Shanti Stupa is best known for its gorgeous sunsets. This white-domed stupa built in 1983 and 1991 by a group of Japanese Buddhists is a symbol of peace—which makes a lot of sense. After climbing around 500 steps, you are welcomed by beautiful panoramic views. It is open from dawn until 9:00PM when the entire place is illuminated. If you do not want to endure the 500-step climb, you may get there by taxi. Those who prefer early mornings may also visit to catch the rising of the sun. Whatever time of the day you wish to visit, the views will never fail you, making this a must in your Indian Himalayas photography adventure.

3. Trek

Ladakh is every trekker’s dream come true. All thanks to its high-altitude passes, unique flora and fauna, ancient gompas, villages, and frozen rivers. You can opt to camp out or find village homestay accommodations. What makes Ladakh ideal for trekkers also is the fact that it offers treks for all levels of fitness—from beginners to experienced. Meaning, you do not have to be an expert trekker. You just need to have an enthusiasm for exploration.

4. Spend the night with Royalty

Stok Palace, 30 minutes to the south of Leh, has been transformed into a heritage hotel and museum of the Ladakhi royal family. The King still lives here and is working hard to preserve Ladakhi culture and invites his guests to have a personal experience with his territory’s culture. Overnight guests are given a guided tour around the palace—including the throne room—and may even be invited to dinner by the King himself.

ladakh india group tour5. Camp

Many travelers actually prefer to stay in camps instead of in hotels. And why not? When you have the gorgeous night sky waiting for you and the gentle touch of the breeze to welcome you, who would not want to be outside? The good thing is that there are numerous camp sites in Ladakh, each varying in the type of comfort they offer. Some offer the most basic camping experience, while others invite you to camp in luxury.

Ladakh, India, is surprisingly turning into a traveler’s dream. From its historic structures to its spectacular natural views, you would wish you could have stayed longer.

Joining Ladakh India group tours is the best gift you can give to yourself.

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