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Historic ruins and pink beaches: Island of Crete Group Tours

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The Island of Crete… where do we even begin?

The largest of the Greek islands offers a Pandora’s box of sights, sounds, smells, and tastes to experience. It is no wonder Crete is a favorite among travelers. The great news is there is no fear of overcrowding, because there is literally something for everyone!

Whether you enjoy a little (or, actually, a great, big) historical exploration, nature excursions, or culture hunting, the Island of Crete group tours have an offering for you.

Here are some of our favorite Island of Crete travel destinations and adventures.

Island of Crete Features and Highlights

1. Join a party… the Cretan way

One thing’s for sure, the Island of Crete knows how to party. On your first night, we recommend taking a stroll in Heraklion city and trying their traditional food while enjoying raki (a delicious grape-based spirit) and live music. Dance along to musicians playing the Cretan lyra and learn traditional Cretan dances from local performers. Palaiino or Idiomelo is the best spot to experience an authentic Cretan fiesta. What a way to get acquainted with the Island and its locals!

2. Enjoy a walking tour through Knossos

Fans of Greek mythology will appreciate this next stop. Built around 3,000 years ago, the Knossos palace was the seat of King Minos who had a labyrinth built for his son the Minotaur. Walk through the reception courtyard (where the royal family entertained guests), Sanctuary, the Throne Room, and the Royal Way which leads to the Royal Apartments in the direction of the coast. It is best to tour with an expert historian in order to fully understand the magnificence of the place.

3. Visit Elafonisi Beach

Traveling is really all about delighting the senses, and Elafonisi Beach is a place to behold. Said to be one of the best beaches in the world, Elafonisi Beach is gorgeous, all thanks to its champagne pink corals, crystalline waters, white sand, and azure skies. You can lie back and float in the water or eat in one of the many restaurants and bars dotting the area. You have to include this in your Island of Crete photography adventure.

4. Learn a craft

Verekinthos, in Greek mythology, was a place where people learned crafts (such as pottery and glasswork) from mythical beings. Currently, this same spot in Chania is home to a community of diverse craftspeople. When you visit this artistic village, you can pick any of their offered courses to learn any craft, including ceramics, woodworking, and sculpture. It is a lovely and immersive ode to an old tradition.

Thoughts of Crete conjure vivid images of beautiful natural sights, ancient ruins, and colorful local traditions. Do not miss out and join Island of Crete group tours now.

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