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Experiencing Perpetual Springtime: Canary Islands Group Tours

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One of the reasons why planning a holiday trip is so stressful is timing. Most of the time, one just cannot find the perfect sweet spot in the calendar to enjoy a destination thoroughly while balancing our work schedules. Thankfully, the Canary Islands is an ideal place to visit all year round!

This is the land—or archipelago—of “eternal springtime.” It is safe to say that the Canary Islands has the best weather in the world, all thanks to its location on the globe; that ideal intersection of the tropical climatic and subtropical zones. Speaking of location, the Canary Islands also have its location to thank for its unique charm, a blend of African and Spanish influences coupled with the cultures of the Canaries.

So what is there to see in the Canary Islands? Canary Islands group tours will keep you in awe and excited to come back again and again.

Don’t trust us? Here are some of our favorite Canary Islands travel destinations and activities.

Canary Islands Features and Highlights

1. Hit the beach(es)

Why of course—we begin our holiday with a trip to some of the best beaches in the Canaries. The south coast of Gran Canaria is the gift that keeps on giving, teeming with gorgeous golden sand beaches. The most popular (and the largest) is Maspalomas, dotted with bright umbrellas and lined with cafés, restaurants, shops, and other amusements. This beach is literally alive all day and all night. There is a protected reserve of massive sand dunes at one end of the beach. These dunes could go as high as 12 meters, formed and shifted by the wind and sea. You may walk on foot amongst these dunes (or ride a camel) or engage in other activities on the island, including scuba diving, windsurfing, and sailing.

2. Go around Tenerife

The largest island in the archipelago also has the most to offer. You ought to begin in the capital Santa Cruz, an attractive city bursting with life. Among its attractions is the Auditorio de Tenerife, a spectacular concert hall that overlooks the sea. For many years, this concert hall has hosted some of the biggest performers in the world. Santa Cruz also has interesting museums to visit such as the Museum of Fine Arts featuring works by Canarian, Flemish, and Spanish artists; and the Museum of Nature and Man, which tells the story of Tenerife’s pre-colonial past. Then, you may venture to see some wildlife at Loro Park just outside Puerto de la Cruz, and then of course the colonial city of San Cristóbal de la Laguna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the former capital of the Canary Islands. There is so much to see in Tenerife—you have to include it to your Canary Islands photography adventure.

4. Look at stars on Mt. Tiede

There is something so poetic about ending a vacation looking up in the seemingly endless night sky. It signifies the end of an epic journey but also promises the beginning of a new one. Certified by the Starlight Foundation as a “Starlight Destination,” Tiede National Park offers one of the best stargazing in the world. In fact, out of the 88 identified constellations, 83 are visible from here. You may coordinate your trip to see meteor showers such as the Quadrantids and Perseids. They also offer a guided tour with access to a professional telescope.

What more can we say? Canary Islands group tours are an adventure waiting to happen.

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