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Cyprus Group Tours: “It’s Always Sunny Here!”

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Who does not enjoy a Mediterranean vacation? Apparently, no one. The Mediterranean is among everyone’s dream vacation hotspots, and understandably so! Imagine—sprawling beaches, great food, fun-loving crowds, and a colorful local culture. Because of its popularity, the Mediterranean has one drawback: it is often crowded. Italy, Greece, France, Morocco—everyone seems to be going to the same places. But what about those who wish to avoid the crowds?

The answer: Cyprus.

This island country in the eastern Mediterranean Sea is tucked between Greece, Turkey, and Syria. It is not as popular as its neighbors but boasts just as much. In fact, Cyprus group tours can only attempt to fully capture the country’s rich culture and history (this is the birthplace of Aphrodite, after all) and its gorgeous, gorgeous natural scenery.

Already convinced? We put together the must-see and must-do Cyprus travel destinations and activities below.

Cyprus Features and Highlights

1. Aphrodite’s Rock

The birthplace of Aphrodite is located just outside the city of Paphos. According to legend, the Goddess of love and beauty was born from seafoam and came to the shore of this beach town. Whether you believe the myth or not, one cannot deny the spectacular swimming this area provides and jutting straight from the water is the imposing Aphrodite’s rock. It is believed anyone who swims the entire base of the rock will have everlasting beauty. To complete your trip, you may pay a visit to the nearby Sanctuary of Aphrodite, a small temple in honor of the goddess.

2. Larnaca Salt Lake

It is just so surreal and have to be experienced firsthand to understand. Spanning 4,352 acres, this is a network of wetlands: Alyki, Orphani, Soros, and Spiro. Larnaca is not only important as a biotope, but it is also significant historically. This used to be among the trading posts in the ancient world, owing to its location being easily accessible from Asia, Africa, and Europe. The lake is also featured in both Christian and Muslim lore. When you come to Larnaca, you do not only get to enjoy the ephemeral beauty of the lake, but also get in touch with its deep history. One thing to remember when visiting: there are no bathrooms near the area. It is best to bring bottled water and wear sunscreen.

3. MUSAN Museum of Underwater Sculpture

When you are traveling, a visit to a museum is a must. But sometimes, these places feel almost identical, wherever you are. Well, not in Cyprus. The Museum of Underwater Sculpture is a combination of two things beloved in Cyprus: its history and crystal-clear waters. The public art project features 93 pieces in different styles, sizes, and stories. You can tour the museum in a snorkel. This is the best of eco-art! If you are into underwater photography, make sure to include this in your Cyprus photography adventure.

In Cyprus, history and natural resources comingle. It is the best of both worlds, and one is compelled to come back again and again. What are you waiting for? Book Cyprus book tours right away.

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