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jordan group tour

Ancient Ruins and Deserts: Jordan Group Tours

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jordan group tour

For the longest time, Jordan has remained underrated as a travel destination. What many have failed to realize is that this Middle Eastern country is a bucket list haven. There are numerous (and very diverse!) things you can do in this tiny nation in the heart of the Middle East.

jordan group tourExcited to dip your toes into desert sand or get acquainted with ancient culture? The list below includes just some of the many experiences you can have when you join Jordan group tours.

Jordan Highlights and Features

1. Embark on an introspective journey

We may have different reasons for traveling, but for some of us, included in the perks of traveling is reconnecting with our inner self. Jordan, for all its rugged and spiritual beauty, is the perfect setting for some equine-assisted soul searching. Visit Wadi Rum, where you will be greeted by Arabian horses and their trainers. According to some mental health professionals, horses have an innate ability to mirror your inner self, making them an ideal companion on your journey to introspection. Being with them will help you rediscover your most authentic self. All while in the midst of the red desert of Wadi Rum (which was the backdrop for films such as The Martian).

jordan group tour2. Relive the glory of an ancient Roman city

Walk along the very streets that witnessed Alexander the Great and Nichomachas, among others. Relive the glory of an ancient Roman city in Jerash. Perhaps one of the most well-preserved Roman cities in the Middle East, it is a favorite Jordan travel destination to observe Roman architecture and mosaics and carvings. But one of the main attractions is the full-speed horse-drawn chariot race manned by gladiators in full regalia. It truly is a reenactment unlike anything — all in the very same site where ancient warriors and athletes fought and walked.

3. Enjoy Jordanian alcohol

It is common to think that alcohol is banned in this Muslim majority country. And while several restaurants do not offer alcoholic beverages, there is still a way to enjoy a good drink. For example, just 25 minutes off Amman, Fuheis is a Christian town home to Carakale, Jordan’s only craft brewery. You can sample their handcrafted beers while overlooking the gorgeous Blue Canyon in their open-air terrace. Go further north from Amman to Mafraq. Here, you can visit Zumot Winery where you can request for a private vineyard tour.

4. Experience the river canyons of Jordan

jordan group tourWhen we think of Jordan, we automatically picture vast desert landscapes—just dry, dry sand as far as the eyes can see. However, Jordan, specifically in the Areedh Sub-District, continues to surprise travelers with breathtaking canyons congregating in the Dead Sea. These canyons flourish with moving water and rich wildlife. It is the best spot for hiking, repelling, climbing, and even fishing. At the end of the widyan (Arabic for canyons) trails you will find yourself face-to-face with a stunning waterfall. The vegetation and burnt orange boulders make the best subjects for your Jordan photography adventure.

Jordan truly is the country for exploration—both for the inner self and of the world outside it. It offers to perfect ratio of history, manmade structures, and natural attractions. Also, it is the perfect companion when visiting Israel, its close neighbor and a country that holds ancient charms of its own.

So what are you waiting for? Explore Jordan group tours that suit your travel needs best.

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