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Uncornered Market: Tips from An Around the World Travel Couple

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This is a great little article about our friends over at Uncornered Market.  Some really great travel info, advice, and reading from these experienced wanderlusts.

In December 2006, Dan and Audrey quit their jobs to follow their dream of traveling around the world for a year or two.  Five years and over 70 countries later, they are still going…and still married.

In addition to traveling to the usual suspects like Italy or Thailand, they also go to off-beat places like Tajikistan, Paraguay, Bangladesh, and Estonia– with a focus on meeting people from all walks of life and eating as much street food as they can find.

Their popular travel blog, Uncornered Market, allows you to follow along with them on their journey. The blog serves up travel stories and photos from around the world, life lessons learned through travel, street food escapades, profiles of inspirational people and organizations, and humorous vignettes from a life of budget travel.

In addition, Uncornered Market offers tips and advice for travelers and photographers with the idea that you can create your own adventure and come home with amazing photos from your travels.

Photography tips and thoughts:

1) Capturing Humanity: 10 Tips for Great Street and People Photos

2) Guerilla Food Photography: 10 Tips for Taking Great Food Photos

3) Travel Photography: The Fuzzy Area Between Iconic and Cliché

General advice on smart and healthy travel:

1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Travelers

2. How to Travel the World Without Hugging the Bowl: 10 Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road

3. How to Travel Outside Your Comfort Zone

Regional Travel Guides:

1)    Southeast Asia: A Beginner’s Guide – Cheap and easy.  It doesn’t get any better – or easier to photograph – than Southeast Asia.

2)    Central Asia: A Beginner’s Guide – Can’t get any more off-the-beaten track than Central Asia. Also a photographer’s dream with dramatic landscapes, people and markets.

Dan and Audrey’s goal is not only to inspire, but also to provide you ideas and tools to take with you on your own adventure.

You can also join Dan and Audrey on Twitter and Facebook.

Also, don’t forget to follow our photography travel club on Twitter and Facebook too!


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3 Replies to “Uncornered Market: Tips from An Around the World Travel Couple”

August 11, 2011
What an amazing couple and journey! I'm seriously envious. Thanks for sharing their link. Those places (and those momos in Darjeeling)! Does your group do India trips? I'd LOVE to go but I've yet to meet anyone else really interested I'd want to travel there with. I've never really done the group tour for travel, but I imagine its probably better for spots like that. I planned to do a group for Egypt, a dream itinerary for me, and the highlight of an entire year, but the company was really flaky and canceled it.
    August 12, 2011
    Hey Tamara! Our club will be going to India! Probably not for a couple years though...Sorry to hear about Egypt--we are going there in November actually. Let me know if you are interested. Steve
Greg Goodman
October 17, 2011
Love Uncornered Market! What an inspirational pair!
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