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3 Reasons to Travel Light

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People travel for many different reasons. Some travel for business and others go to see the sights around the world. Some people just want to get away from it all. Whatever your reason for traveling, one of the most important things on your mind should be what you are bringing along. There are several reasons why what you bring is essential to helping you enjoy your trip.

The type of trip that you are taking should help determine what you will be bringing along. You wouldn’t pack the same for a business trip as you would for a trip to Disney. It just wouldn’t be practical. A lot of people find that their trip has become far less enjoyable simply because they brought too many things, or brought the wrong things. Everyone knows that problems with your luggage can ruin a vacation.

Many people make the common mistake of packing too much for their trip. It’s hard for some people to decide what they can do without while away from home, so some choose what they see as the path of least resistance and end up bringing along a lot more than they need to. If you want to enjoy your vacation and not go bankrupt due to excessive baggage fees, you should think of traveling light.

Packing light makes sense for a lot of reasons but here are just a few for you to consider.

1. No matter how you choose to travel, there is going to be some point during the trip where you are going to be required to heft your own luggage along. Yes it’s true that there are some baggage services available with some forms of travel, but not all of them. Those that do, like airlines, will charge you extra depending on the weight of your luggage. If you ride a bus anywhere be prepared to drag your own luggage around from bus to bus during transfers. So it makes sense to make your burden manageable.

2. Then there’s the issue of simplicity, which can’t be stressed enough. No matter what kind of trip you take, and how you get there, you are not going to want to worry about how your luggage gets there too. Keeping it simple not only leaves you less to carry, there’s also less to lose. A lot of veteran travelers have at least one horror story of disappearing luggage or luggage that turned up three weeks late. Bottom line, don’t bring your favorite necklace and shoes on the next trip to Asia; your companions and the Asians aren’t going to miss seeing you in them as much as you when they are gone for good!

checked bag fees

3. Last but not least, packing light saves everyone money by avoiding baggage fees that all the airlines hit us with. 25.00 dollars down the drain here, 90.00 dollars in excess weight down the drain there. Just don’t over pack and pack light for crying out loud!

For an informational video on what to pack on your next safari check out our sister travel club’s video’s section!


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9 Replies to “3 Reasons to Travel Light”

March 17, 2012
A recent three day trip with two of my friends. I packed 8kg, one friend packed 12kg and the third had 18kg!! That was the best example I saw of unnecessary luggage. Light is definitely the way to go
    March 17, 2012
    haha I bet I could match it and pack 20 kg!!!
March 28, 2012
Traveling light is the best. On my first school trip (I was 10 or so) my mother did the packing for me. I was the kid with the biggest backpack and almost fell on my back, so heavy my backpack was. I learned my lesson young and now everyone is amazed how light I can pack.
    March 29, 2012
    hahaha. Was your mom's packing good or bad?
April 4, 2012
No matter how much I've got in my backpack I always want less. Having said that, it's tough when you're gone for more than a year, as I am at the moment... the problem is the variance in weather and activities everywhere you go.
    April 5, 2012
    yeah going on an extended trip makes it so hard to pack light!
Alexa Meisler
April 13, 2012
Great article! Traveling light involves practice and it takes a lot to be mastered. But it is a big accomplishment if things are packed right.
    April 18, 2012
    huge accomplishment haha. One I am still working on after years of trying to master...
Packing light is also a "greener" way to travel. Less weight means less fuel. We have a strict carry on only policy.
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