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Make Travel a Priority in Your Life

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I love to travel; it is something I have done since I was a child. I remember getting on the plane when I was little and going to Kentucky to spend the summers there. The days when our Aunt and Uncle drove us back to Texas each time are some of my fondest. Those days gave me itchy feet, periodically I feel like I have to be somewhere other than my home. Even if its just a quick road trip to Monterey, Napa or across the bay to San Francisco. It’s as vital to me as breathing. Every year I mentally make a list of places that I plan to visit. I am a lucky gal that my travelling has gained friendships for me across the country and the world. It has given me new places to visit.

I get asked a lot of times “How can you afford to travel so much”? The question annoys me because it is usually asked in an accusatory tone, one meant to really say, “You don’t have any responsibilities and that must be how you get to travel, right”? Most of the time I just say I am lucky. It’s more than that though. I make travel a priority in my life. It’s as important to me as taking care of my car, paying my bills and keeping my job. Travel is essential to keeping a vital part of me sane. It’s what I need for creating, experiencing, and engaging the world around me. I know, I hear you say “What the heck is she talking about?” but it’s true! When I get to travel, I am more myself than at any other time of my life. Unencumbered from day to day minutia, distanced from the constraints of preconceptions, and labels. It is an advantage traveling with groups. No one knows me at the outset; they have no expectation of who I am so I can be a truer part of me without judgment.

Now that I have explained to you a bit on why I make travel a priority I’ll tell you how I can travel despite the rising cost of airfares, gas, groceries and mortgages. I have two bank accounts and direct deposit. One account gets $110.00 every paycheck, which was painful the first couple of times but after awhile, I didn’t notice it missing. It just meant less Peet’s coffee, taking my lunch to work and cooking at home more often. I also have an empty coffee can that gets all my loose change and any $5 bill; yes I said $5 bills. Whenever I spend money if I get a $5 bill as part of my change, I come home and put it in the coffee can. It makes me think twice about breaking a twenty-dollar bill and it might be tough but between those two things, I can take at least one major trip a year. I’ve gone to Europe, Brazil, Ireland, spent New Year’s in Hawaii and Christmas in Key West because I made travel a priority in my life, more important than an overpriced latte, or shopping at Nordstrom’s. Plus, I look for good deals and as a solo traveler I have found the best prices for your itinerary with groups like Singles by the Bay or Photofly Travel Club. You can take advantage of someone else planning a fantastic trip, negotiating great rates and then meeting others who share your sense of adventure.

How could I not make it significant?

Do you make travel a priority in your life? Leave a comment below.


About the Author: Janet Atteberry is a devoted member of our travel club & writes great articles for our blog. Thanks for another insightful travel read Janet!

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3 Replies to “Make Travel a Priority in Your Life”

January 18, 2013
I definitely agree that everyone should travel - if only to the neighboring town or a lake nearby. Being out there and see new things inspire us and makes us feel alive. Travel is and always will be a big part of my life :)
    January 18, 2013
    Aye Men!
Marine@Green Global Travel
November 11, 2013
Discovering new places is exiting and inspiring. Traveling should be made a priority! Insightful article Janet.
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