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Destination Travel Guide: Bali

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rice fields asiaBali is a magical island in Indonesia with a diverse number of activities for all types of travelers. This beautiful place is well known for its Hindu shrines with tributes to the Gods around every corner. The importance of spirituality makes Bali a special place to experience and the locals are friendly and respectful. There are picturesque beaches surrounded by mountains that contain some of the most well-kept and beautiful rice fields
Balinese art makingin the world. Bali also has many talented wood sculptors and painters whose style and art are world renowned. Finding a unique sculpture or painting to take home is no problem here and it wont break the bank either!

Below are some highlights and activities to consider on your next vacation to Bali.

* The Arjana bungalows in the village of Ubud offer the best accommodations found in the area.

Mountains of Bali* Hiking on Mount Agung is the best way for enthusiasts to see spectacular views of the sunrise in Bali.

* The elephant safari park and ride is for animal lovers. Ride an elephant and enjoy the coolness of Taro jungle.

* Balangan beach is a well-kept secret; enjoy the quiet and peaceful surroundings.
Bali monkeys

* Tanah Lot Temple is a famous icon in Bali. It’s located on a rock off the coast and is a beautiful and inspiring wonder.

* Ubud Art Gallery is the best place to see wonderful and genuine Balinese art. This co-op is government regulated ensuring the finest quality (but also most expensive)

* Experience true story telling through Balinese dancing.

*Explore the Monkey Tree Forest in Ubud (rightly named as its filled with monkeys!)

This destination travel guide will get you started on a sweet trip to Bali!

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5 Replies to “Destination Travel Guide: Bali”

    August 29, 2012
    Thanks! Yeah its such a special place--gotta make time for a trip there!
Natasha von Geldern
September 7, 2012
Awesome timing - I'm going to Bali in two weeks (grins from ear to ear)!
    September 10, 2012
    Jealous! You're gonna love it!
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