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Best Weather Destinations Around the World!

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From amazing beaches to outstanding landscapes there are so many fabulous spots around the world.

The key is to visit them when it’s not freezing, raining, snowing, or tornadoeing all over you!


Let’s start with a place that is ALWAYS great!

The Gold Coast of Australia is a great place to go all year round. North of Sydney and south of Cairns is a stretch along the eastern Australian seaboard that will not disappoint. While it may get a little chilly around Brisbane for the real faint at heart (mid to low 60’s during winter), the weather is just about good all year round. It’s important to stay near the ocean at all times though because during the summer months it can get real hot and muggy off the coast!

San Diego is yet another perfect weather destination. This southern California hot spot is practically 70-75 degrees all year round. It does get a little cooler during the winter months and June is surprisingly the worst time to go since the area tends to get fogged  in and chilly. This short period is known by the locals as “June Gloom”. Aside from that, the weather and beaches in San Diego are second to none. There is also some great food and quaint towns and neighborhoods such as La Jolla.

Hawaii is a wonderful plethora of islands with amazing weather all year round. There is literally no bad time to relax and explore this mystical place. During the early spring some islands may get a little more rain than usual but you can always find sunshine and surfers here. November and December are great times to go to Hawaii as the weather is great (as usual) and the season is quiet without a whole lot of tourists bustling around. Prices are also the cheapest during these months. For more information about Hawaii and the adventures to be had here check out this Big Island Adventure Article.

The following vacation destinations are great at certain times of the year only. Bali, Indonesia is a tropical paradise that has generally fabulous weather except during the rainy season. The rainy season throughout Indonesia is November to February. Avoid going during this season and you will have a memorable experience in Bali. East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, etc.) is also a great place to go most of the year. The monsoon season here tends to start around May and last through mid to late June. Safari’s in this area of the world are a life changing experience and sometimes you can even luck out with the weather during the more risky times to go. New Zealand is a land for adrenaline junkies, hikers, and nature enthusiasts of all types. The best times to visit these beautiful islands is late spring, summer, and early fall. The weather throughout the whole country is generally warm and pleasant for all outdoor activities. The northern island has beautiful beaches, bays, and gets quite hot in the middle of summer. New England (USA) is a beautiful place to explore during the summer and fall. The weather can get a bit cold (unless you like to ski, snowboard, and enjoy other winter sports) in the late fall and freezing during the winter. During the summer there are so many beautiful beaches from Nantucket to Cape Cod all the way up the coast of Maine. The fall foliage is a wondrous display of orange, brown, and red throughout the trees and hilltops of this northeastern part of America.

Of course there are so many places in the world where good weather can make for an awesome travel experience. It would be impossible to discuss them all. This should serve as a good starting point for a variety of destinations for all types of travel lovers. Whether you’re a single or solo traveler or like to travel in groups. Make sure you go to some of these places at the right time of year for the best experience.

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6 Replies to “Best Weather Destinations Around the World!”

Christy & Scott
December 15, 2011
My vote goes to Bali for warm weather year round. I'm freezing my butt off in San Diego right now. :)
    December 15, 2011
    Haha Bali indeed, especially if you don't mind the humidity! Freezing your butt off in San Diego!? I have to head back to New England tomorrow for two weeks where its REALLY freezing. No sympathy for you haha.
Stephanie - The Travel Chica
December 16, 2011
I have planned my travels through Latin America around the weather conditions/ seasons. So important when traveling, especially if it's just a short vacation.!
    December 17, 2011
    Couldn't agree more Stephanie. Last thing you want is to be stuck in downpours or uncomfortable weather for your entire vacation!
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