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Why Should You Visit Antarctica Now?

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Aside from bragging rights, a trip to the ‘White Continent’ will remind you just how amazing our planet is and why it is important to protect our environment. Here are some of the reasons you should take the leap and book that Antarctica trip today :

1. Unforgettable Adventure

You don’t go to the South Pole to lie down and do nothing. A trip to the White Continent is not a joke. It’s far and you will experience extreme cold which is why very few people have every gone. This journey will have you hiking, kayaking and exploring one of the untouched wonders of our earth. This almost guarantees you a once in a lifetime experience.

2. Wildlife

The White Continent is home to some of the amazing wildlife – penguins, whales and seals. This wildlife has been protected in this harsh environment for generations and you’d be able to see them in their most natural states – something that you can’t see in a zoo or aquarium.

3. Icebergs

The huge icebergs is going to be a spectacular but staggering sight to see. The sheer size of it below and above water will have you taking photos left and right. If that wasn’t amazing enough, you may be able to hear some audible cracking noises they make during your cruise.

Even if you have seen icebergs in Alaska or elsewhere, it is nothing compared to those in Antarctica!

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