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Antarctic Group Tours

Epic Adventure on the ‘White Continent’: Antarctica Group Tours

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Antarctica Group Tours

Antarctica conjures images of snow, consistently cold weather, and remote destinations. However, this White Continent is an epic adventure waiting to happen. Antarctica group tours are a once in a lifetime experience—the natural, untouched landscapes and vistas are unmatched anywhere else in the world. It is a journey not everyone will get to take.

What is amazing about Antarctica is that it has everything for everyone. It offers a wide range of activities—from mild to extreme—and its natural wonders are endless. There is always something new to discover and experience at every corner.

Antarctica Highlights and Features

1. Go on an Antarctica cruise

One of the best ways to see Antarctica in all its snowy glory is on board a cruise. The cruise will take you through gorgeous and otherworldly sceneries. Get up close with the continent’s wildlife, stand close to natural structures, and take in the stunning, unobstructed views. While Antarctica is no doubt a beautiful place, the conditions may also be harsh. That is why it is important to choose the best expedition vessel when going on a cruise. Your group’s safety will always be a priority.

Antarctica Group Tours

2. Befriend a million penguins

If you have a soft spot for Happy Feet, this destination is definitely for you. Located in the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia, this place is guaranteed to be one of the best wildlife encounters you will ever have. For example, St. Andrew’s Bay is home to almost a million king penguins. Witness these penguins huddled together as you get treated to a live orchestra of their chirping.

3. Explore the inside of a volcano

Deception Island is the caldera or crater of an active volcano. This used to be a whaling station before it was completely abandoned. Now, it has become a must-visit stop for tourists. One of the unusual things to do while on the island is to take a dip in its natural hot springs. It is a surreal experience—getting past the freezing Arctic winds to enjoy a hot volcanic bath.

4. Enjoy a drink of vodka

Due to the long and dark winters of Antarctica, a team of scientists from the Vernadsky Research Base has decided to pass the time distilling vodka. Guests can enjoy a shot (or two) of the famous homemade vodka in the southernmost bar in the world.

5. Take lots and lots of pictures

Antarctica Group ToursGoing on an Antarctica photography adventure should be on every photographer’s bucket list. For one, it is truly difficult to take bad photos in Antarctica. Every corner is photogenic. Photograph gigantic glaciers, icebergs, wildlife, and even research stations. While on a cruise, be sure to get your cameras ready because you will surely want to capture every moment.

The above are just some of the things you can do in Antarctica. This list is just the tip of the giant iceberg of adventures and encounters that await you. Other activities one can do while joining Antarctica group tours include scuba diving, kayaking, and trekking to the South Pole.

It is true what many adventurers have said—a journey to Antarctica will change you forever.

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