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Traversing an Otherworldly Terrain: Bolivia Salt Flats

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bolivia group tour

The idea of traversing a desolate landscape covered in salt probably does not sound interesting. Quite honestly, it sounds tedious. But if you are able to visit this unusual place in Bolivia, it becomes a completely different story.

And that is the charm of Salar de Uyuni—the world’s largest salt flat.

Bolivia Salt Flats group tours will make you feel as if you have stepped onto a completely different planet, in a good way.

So what can you actually do while you are there? We listed some must-try activities below!

Bolivia Salt Flats Highlights and Features

bolivia group tour1. Bike across the terrain

Nearly 11,000 sq. kilometers in size, it is impossible to resist the allure of bicycling across these salt flats. Whether you wish to go with a group or ride on your own, this activity is among the top things you should do while visiting. You can follow a prescribed path or opt for a personalized tour. Regardless of how you wish to do this, you are guaranteed to be awestruck at the beautiful desolateness surrounding you and of the breathtaking horizon ahead.

2. Take great photos

Salar de Uyuni is every photographer’s dream. It does not only provide a awe-inspiring scenery, but it also becomes the perfect backdrop for your Salt Flats photography adventure. On its own, the result of the meeting of the skies and salt flat is otherworldly and photogenic. The endless horizon begs to be photographed. But for crafty photographers, the salt flats become a blank canvas where you can play with perspective and depth of field. You can literally create a narrative with your photos.

3. Climb a volcano

Do not be mistaken. Salar de Uyuni is more than just flatness, because standing high above it is the Tunupa Volcano, grand and spectacular in its dormancy. Peaking at 17,457 feet, it is among the favorite Bolivia travel destinations for many mountaineers. However, you do not need professional experience to climb its snow-covered peaks. You may join a tour that lets you scale it with professionals. Reaching the 15,000-foot mark only takes about three to four hours for those in decent shape.

bolivia group tour4. Enjoy the sunset and night sky

An excellent way to conclude a relatively physical tour during the day is winding down under the beautiful sunset and night sky. The colors will surprise you. You can bring with you a complete dinner setup for that romantic experience. As for the night sky, it is among the clearest on Earth. You can enjoy an unobstructed, unfiltered view of the stars. It truly is a surreal sight to behold.

The above are just some of the many things you can do while on Bolivia Salt Flats group tours. At first it seems like a singular attraction, but its abundance of activities will make you come back again and again and again.

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