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“I took my third tour with Photo Fly In September to Iceland.
Just like the two before, I had an amazing time. The group was great, Tricia our tour leader was awesome and the local tour guide from Iceland, Osi, was also great. We saw the most amazing places in Iceland. It was the most beautiful country I have visited. Photo Fly always finds the most unique locations on the tour. Just spectacular. All the hotel accommodations were top notch and we had wonderful meals.

Photo Fly does all the work for you. I highly recommend Steve and his Photo Fly team” Diane from California, Iceland ’19

“Just got back from my 4th trip with this travel group and I would recommend them if you want to travel as a single person, couple or even a group. I just did Chile and Patagonia was 5 star!!! Always an easy going atmosphere with options depending on your desires, ability and of course the schedule. I have also done S. Africa/Seychelles (favorite), Australia and Ireland/Scotland. The groups are always small which is nice. I have had Steve and Andrew both as guides and they are both fabulous. I like the fact I don’t have to plan a thing. They just tell me what time to be where and I have not been disappointed by any adventure. Enjoy.” Renee from California, Chile ’19

“Just back from Kenya with Photofly and it was fabulous. Traveled to several excellent safari locations, took lots of pictures, saw an incredible array of wildlife. Hotels were all excellent, drivers Joseph and PoPo were excellent game spotters. Karen a great liaison. Shot a video: Lions Mating. Sex! Romance! Domestic violence! youtu.be/iAF5AUDlm1Q This was my 4th Photofly trip and they have been uniformly spectacular.” Holly from California, Kenya ’19

“Over the years, I have traveled with photofly travel Club three times. Turkey, Africa, and the Galapagos Islands. Each trip was wonderful. I will take another trip with them in the future, I’m sure. The small group size is really nice and it allows us to sometimes choose our own itinerary for a day. The trips are well-planned out with plenty of opportunities available for for photo-taking. I highly recommend this Travel Group.” Diane from California, Galapagos’19

“I’ve traveled to more than 30 countries and had previously done all of the planning myself. This time I opted to go with PhotoFly to Patagonia and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks to our guide Andrew S., I spent zero% of the time planning and 100% of the time enjoying the trip! Andrew is an excellent guide. He is energetic, enthusiastic, positive and funny. He is organized, very knowledgeable on information relevant to the trip and he is a great communicator. I highly recommend Andrew and PhotoFly to anyone who is looking for a first rate, stress free vacation that leaves you with wonderful afterglow feelings of having had a great experience.” James from Florida, Chile ’19

“Just returned from a wonderful trip to Morocco (Nov 16-28, 2018) Our guides Andrew and Madani were wonderful. Everyday was another adventure. This was my second trip with PhotoFly. Both the destination and the accommodations were great. I would recommend this group for travel.” Shannon from North Dakota, Morocco ’18.

Cheetahs“Hello all! I recently went on a trip to Kenya with Photofly during the Great Migration. There are not enough stars to rate this trip. It was fabulous. Everything about it was wonderful. Our group was great. Everyone got along superbly and we all became friends, not just travel companions.

The lodgings were excellent, the food was incredible, and Andrew (our guide) was fantastic. And of course the itinerary! Oh… my… goodness. This was absolutely my BEST vacation ever! I will definitely travel with this group again.” Sandy from Maryland, Kenya ’18

“I had an AMAZING trip to Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana!!! We saw and experienced so much.

The whole trip organization was superb, our leader, Andrew was a lot of fun, easy going and our group was great. It was truly a trip of a lifetime. This was my third trip with PhotoFly – can’t wait for the next one. Excellent group!” Donna from California, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana ’18.

“My wife and I just returned from the Galapagos with Andrew as our leader. We had a great time. The pace was quick and the schedule full of activities. The group was positive and the planning was meticulous.

The group was the right size and the week went way too fast. Double thumbs up!” David from California, Galapagos ’18

“My last trip with Steve and company was just a fantastic as the two previous outings. It is obvious that Steve has done his homework. He has all the details to a “t” and the activities are pretty much non stop. To me this is wonderful since being very active presents a plethora of opportunities for great photography. Steve affords us the opportunity to go to places that are a bit out of the way and if you apply your creativity the photo opportunities are endless. I am an all out photo enthusiast and tend to focus on making images with great zeal. As a result from time to time I will get separated from the group and even get left behind, yet Steve hasn’t left me…thank you Steve!

The trip to Japan was a rousing success. Even though it rained quite a bit this didn’t stop us and I was able to satisfy my photographic goals for the trip. Photographing the snow monkeys, geishas, street photography, Japanese religious rituals, bamboo forest, etc., etc. Riding the bullet train was another experience for the “bucket list” counters. The people were all great, good camaraderie and lots of good joy and laughter. I could go on for quite awhile, but I will end by saying…great job Steve and see you soon in another great adventure.” – Orlando from California, Japan ’17

baby elephants“I have taken six trips with Photofly travel club. I have traveled to the Galapagos islands, Australia, Croatia, and the Amazon to name a few. My latest trip was a Kenya safari in Africa for 10 days.

Steve takes care of every detail and I’m always confident I will like the trip and meet new friends on each trip. I now have lifelong friends from traveling with Steve’s group. Some people bring $10,000 cameras and some bring a point and shoot camera, it really doesn’t matter what your photography level. Steve is happy to help if you want to expand your knowledge with cameras, settings and lenses.

I think Photofly is a really good deal for the price that he charges especially Kenya is all inclusive with all meals for 10 days and lodging. it’s very hard to beat when you compare it to the other travel groups. I plan on doing many more trips with the group in the future.” Sandy from California, Kenya ’17

wildlife kenya safari“If I could travel with this club 2-3 times a year, I would do it in a second.  Just got back from my very first trip to a safari in Kenya.  It was a fantastic and exhausting experience.  Our organizer Steve made sure we got to see a huge portion of the country thus increasing our chances of seeing as many animals as possible. Long car rides from one location to another but the rewards of seeing lions, giraffes, cheetahs, leopards, elephants, zebras, a variety of birds, etc., etc., were completely worth it.  My only regret was not being able to enjoy the beautiful hotels we stayed at a little longer.  We entered these beautiful oasis/shangrilas in the middle of vast open land only inhabited by wild animals.  Amazing places and the Kenyan people were so welcoming and kind.  Last but not least, our safari drivers were phenomenal.  Joseph, Dixon and Popo, thank you for taking such good care of us.” Maggie from California, Kenya ’17

“I recently went to Ireland joining Steve Juba’s PhotoFly Travel Club. It was my first group travel experience. I had a great time with the group, made some new friends and just had a lot of fun seeing all the beautiful sites. I thought all the accommodations were perfect, the right combination of city and country locations. I also thought the trip offered a good blend of things to do, enough to please everyone. We had interesting tours of beautiful castles, gardens, toured the Jameson Irish Whiskey Distillery in Midleton, the Guinness Brewery, enjoyed guided nature hikes and river walks. We kayaked on Kenmare Bay and enjoyed many other activities. The tour bus we traveled in was very comfortable and the bus driver, Patrick, kept things lively with his great sense of humor and he was also very knowledgeable of all things Irish. Along the way Steve, our trip leader, knew of plenty of great spots for photo opportunities.

He would ask the bus driver to stop the bus and we would all jump off with cameras in hand so we could snap away making for great photos and plenty of good memories too. I also thought the food was quite good (I did not realize I would enjoy Irish pub fare…quite tasty with a pint of Guinness…so no complaints from me). Breakfast was included everyday so we could hit the ground running. We enjoyed some traditional lively Irish entertainment as well. I definitely recommend PhotoFly Travel Club and I am looking forward to my next adventure with them.” Linda from California, Ireland ’17

Bali Group Tours“The Best of Bali & Komodo trip was an incredible adventure & great experience. We saw a lot of the top destinations & sights of several Indonesian Islands. We got to hike, snorkel, eat, shop, see many off the “beaten path” authentic places in Bali. Oh and of course take LOTS of gorgeous pictures. The tour guides were kind, patient, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable about their locations. I would definitely recommend traveling with Photofly & Steve Juba. I liked the mix of the group including all ages, interests & various backgrounds. I’m looking forward to my next trip!” Donna from Texas, Bali ’16

“I did the South African safari to Entabeni and it was excellent with the wildlife and accommodations. There was excellent coordination prior to departure and during the trip with both the Photofly Team Leader and the safari Ranger guide. I would highly recommend the trip.” Bill from California, South Africa ’16

“Every trip we take with PhotoFly delivers not only a great value for the money, but a great adventure! We just returned from Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Montenegro. These are not countries we had ever thought of visiting; however, I know that Steve Juba puts together trips that provide a unique perspective to interesting places so we went! What a great trip! Not only were these countries beautiful, we learned so much about the people and the history of this part of the world…and we had such fun! Great food, rooms, top-notch guides and a schedule that provided time to relax!

After seven trips with Photofly, I can say we have never been anything but delighted with the adventures! Each trip had its own flavor, but all were carefully crafted to ensure the guests had a great time!” – Charlene from California, Croatia 2016

“I’ve been on two trips; Peru, Chile, and just signed up for Morocco!! Steve has got providing travel adventures down to a science. Great places, experiences, guides, food and accommodations. Not to mention meeting new friends! Don’t hesitate to travel with this group – Just do it!” Lynn from Colorado, Peru ’16

“I’ve taken two trips with Photofly. Each one was well thought out and left me with lasting memories. An emphasis is placed on experiencing the true culture of a place, which is what really attracted me to the PhotoFly Travel Club. I didn’t want to just be a tourist. I wanted to experience things, and go off the beaten path a little, but also with like-minded people! Photofly delivers! … I’ve met wonderful people both times I’ve traveled with the group, and trust that I will meet more wonderful people in the future. Tour prices are reasonable, and the option to have a roommate and not pay a single supplement is really great…” Melissa from California, Bali ’15 & Kauai ’16

cambodia group tours“Denny and I agree that we went to places in both countries that almost all tourists never experience… Photo ops at the boat repair yard were phenomenal. Daniel was one of the best guides we have ever had and the trip to the primitive fishing village was an awesome experience as were the hikes to the Khmer temples in the middle of nowhere” Phil from New York, Myanmar & Cambodia ’15

cliff hiking“What fabulous trips! We love traveling with PhotoFly Travel Club! Steve Juba puts together great trips! They are interesting, fun and affordable. We have been twice to Hawaii and Africa with the Club and we are ready to go to Eastern Europe and Australia. This is a wonderful way to see the world without the stress of planning all the details. If you are looking for a great way to see the world, while having a great time, you need to travel with PhotoFly Travel Club!” Charlene from California ’15

“Just returned from Photofly’s first trip to Croatia. It was a fabulous trip, very well planned and we had an excellent tour guide who enhanced the beauty of this trip with great knowledge and expertise on Croatia. Steve J. is a good team leader and is both structured to keep things moving and can also “go with the flow”. Highly recommend Photofly travel club for executing an awesome action packed adventure.” Cathy from Massachusetts, Croatia ’14

black rhinoceros safari“Steve Juba and Photofly gave us an amazing experience! Our South African 2014 Safari was completely what we were told it would be. The Wildside camp put us right in the middle of all things natural from giraffes, warthogs, baboons, assorted deer outside our tent door to birds, butterflies and an amazing variety of flora. The twice daily game drives with Aubrey, our expert guide, helped us see and learn the behaviors of all the animals in the reserve; lion, cheetah, zebra, wildebeest, elephant, rhino, hippo etc. We look forward to our next adventure with Photofly and Steve” Richard & Martha from Washington D.C., South Africa ’14

“I had a wonderful time in Paris. Especially great for me is that our group had a private time in Monet’s Gardens after they closed the gardens to the public. The tour was very well planned, I enjoyed our dinners together in fine Paris restaurants and the art historian was exceptional.”Jessica from California, France’13

“As a fellow traveler phrased it, it was “a trip of a lifetime”. This was my second safari in S.Africa…both were great, but this one was unsurpassable in terms of proximimity to the animals and the quality of the game guides, resulting in awesome experiences.” Darlena from California, South Africa’13

“Seldom have I ever attached to a tour since I prefer individual exploration and have plenty experience to comfortably and confidently navigate the world on my own. The Photofly trip I took was really great, and I would certainly do another group trip again with them. This is not your usual run-of-the-mill canned tour. Steve is warm, engaging, humorous, very personable and likable. He spent a lot of time and energy interacting and socializing with each individual person on the trip and setting the tone for great group dynamics. I could tell that Steve is genuine in his interactions with a very real, down to earth enthusiasm for being with people and traveling together. He is very welcoming of all demographics and adds that very personal touch to the entire trip. This comes from an independent traveler who usually doesn’t do group trips, but whose experience with Photofly has changed that!”  Susan from Hawaii, Tanzania ’13

“Loved the fact that the hotels weren’t some big name conglomerates but felt more like little hidden gems.” Lacey from Missouri, Costa Rica ’12

“My time with you and our group was the best vacation I have ever had. Thank you so much!” Sunny from California, Big Island (Hawaii) ’12

“I am so happy that I was able to go on another trip with PhotoFly! It was just as fantastic as Kenya, and of course I plan on traveling with the club again in the future.” Jenny from South Carolina, Peru (Cusco & Machu Picchu) ’12

“Overall the trip was amazing!… This trip had a perfect mix of adventure and culture for me…. I will definitely go through your travel club again.” Monica from California, Peru (Cusco & Machu Picchu) ’12

“Seeing this part of the world was so amazing…Thanks again! I would never had the courage to embark on this trip if it weren’t for your group. I’m continuing to study Hungarian in hopes of going back.” Carol from California, Eastern Europe (Prague, Budapest, Vienna) ’12

“The trip overall was an amazing, wonderful experience. It was a very active trip, yet we had a choice of what we got to do like at the beach resort and the jungle. I loved helping out the orphanages(…)this was a wonderful experience helping with the bridge and allowed us to learn about how many people in Cambodia still live. The general knowledge of visas, passports, health info for regions visited was excellent. The selection of hotels was also overall very good. I was impressed with the mix and quality of tour guides, live entertainment, and a wonderful experience for photography with other photography enthusiasts. :)” Jessica from California, Cambodia & Vietnam ’12

“I returned from my Costa Rica trip about three weeks ago and started going through my photos. They reminded me of the great experience I had with PhotoFly Travel Club for nine days. This was designated as a photo trip and our guide Alex was amazing. He carried a Canon DSLR camera, nice lenses, and a spotting scope. He was able to identify birds by their chirping, allowing us to be able to focus on the spot the sound was coming from and get great shots of amazing species of birds. Steve (travel club organizer) was an active participant and never asked us to do anything he wouldn’t do. He hiked into the jungle, walked the forests, climbed steep trails, and supported those who otherwise might have begged off (me). Those who were interested talked photography on the bus and at other times…” Howard from Philadelphia , Costa Rica ’12

“I recently came back from a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia with PhotoFly Travel Club.  This was a life changing experience.   We were able to choose how much and in what way we wanted to give back, whether it was just time spent at an orphanage, participating in providing shoes for village children who had none, teaching ESL for an evening, visiting remote one room schools to distribute educational supplies, to hands-on projects like working side-by-side with remote villagers helping to build a bridge to enable children to walk to school.  It’s activities like these, and attention to detail like dining at non-profit restaurants, that set this experience apart from all others.   Don’t worry tho, there was plenty of time for typical vacation activities like hanging out on the beach, in the cities and wandering around places like the Killing Fields, MeKong Delta and a little place called Angkor Wat.   I highly recommend PhotoFly Travel Club for your next action packed adventure vacation. Steve and crew rock!” Scott from California, Cambodia & Vietnam ’12

“Thanks for a fabulous trip and for posting the photos. It was great to relive the trip. Your travel club is awesome. I hope to make another trip with your club in the near future.” Amy Hartweger from Saint Louis, Peru ’10

Really great trip.  Had such a good time.  The setup you guys did was incredible – from the fully operating kitchen, the tents and mattresses ready for us on arrival, to the bathroom with toilet seat and toilet paper holder!  Food was awesome (still craving those choc banana pancakes) and a great mix of activities at our disposal. I think the entire group enjoyed themselves.”  Gina from California, Hidden Lake Luxury Camping ’11

“The trip was an excellent adventure. The choice of adventures were great and I had a lot of fun.”  Cathy from NY, Iceland ’11

“I had a wonderful exhilarating time on the Canadian Rockies trip. I saw some of the most beautiful scenery while hiking with a great group of like minded people. I would not hesitate to recommend you and your travel club to anyone. Looking forward to a next great adventure.” Patty from Maryland, Canadian Rockies ’11

“Galway was great, I really loved the location of the hotel and the whole area we were in. It was nice to have such a spacious bus to travel in (Our trips are always small and private–on this one we had a 40 passenger bus all to ourselves. Only 10 of us!-Steve, Club Organizer). Lots of photo ops, I appreciated the quick photo tips you gave me.” Janet from the SF Bay Area, Ireland ’11

I had an incredible time on the Lake Adventure with Steve and Jud.  They chose a truly special and remote spot- a treat in itself because I’d never been before, and had everything already set up when I got there- tents, a great campfire, yummy food…there were windsurfing lessons, sailing, swimming, volleyball nets for whatever I wanted to do and a great group of people to do it with. Breakfast was epic with chocolate banana pancakes- soooo good (all the food was excellent.) I’d go on any trip they put together, why wouldn’t I, they made it all so easy. thanks :)” Adaire from California,  Hidden Lake Luxury Camping ’11

“It was fantastic and I have a lot of life long beautiful memories from the trip…It was my first trip with Steve and I intend to take others with him.” Scot from Miami, Big Island ’10

“Thanks for all your hard work.  The trip was great and so was the price!  We really enjoyed it and I especially appreciate your acknowledgment of my b-day and my cake!!We are hoping to do another trip with you in the future!” Vickie from Denver, Big Island ’11

“Kenya was amazing!  It is a beautiful and inspiring place to be.  I was amazed at how safe I felt, how well taken care of we were and how many different things we were able to experience.  The people were friendly, welcoming and helpful.  I was struck by how many animals we were able to see, how close we were able to get to them, and how much I learned about each species that I didn’t know before.  Truly, this was a life changing trip for me.” Amy from Colorado, Kenya ’11

“Steve’s tour of the Big Island of Hawaii was excellent! It was billed as an adventure and photography tour and did not disappoint. The accommodations were first rate. The schedule contained a good mix of land and sea experiences but was flexible enough to entertain some changes. From swimming with sea turtles to hiking a dormant volcanic crater, from tasting Kona coffee on the mountainside to eating Mahi fish tacos at the marina, from beach combing next to a pounding surf to watching the sunset in silence atop Mauna Kea, it was all good…Book a tour with Steve, bring your spirit of adventure, and be confident that he will deliver what he advertises.” Steve from Denver, Big Island ’11

“Thanks for my ‘trip of a lifetime’! The trip was well-organized and reasonably priced, and the itinerary was active and exciting. Lodging and food were terrific. The people in the group were a nice mix of all ages and backgrounds. A terrific experience!” Beth from Michigan, Kenya ’11

“I planned on a vacation and got an epiphany instead…(I) discovered not only an island, but about myself too…I think of all of the places we got to see and how impossible it would have been to try to do that if I had just gone to the island with friends.” Janet from San Franciso, Big Island 2011

“I want to go on another trip with you so please keep me posted … I had an awesome time and I still miss being there (that doesn’t usually happen to me lol).” Mari from Miami, Big Island ’11

“Fantastic destinations and experiences with fantastic new friends! You will come back with memories and photos to cherish from the experience of a lifetime! I was super-impressed at the planning put into the trip. I really feel that I couldn’t have found a better deal anywhere else. The amount of stuff that we got to do, as well as the accommodations were way above what I had expected prior to departure. I am looking forward to traveling with your groups again in the future.” Jenny from Charleston, Kenya ’11

“I was looking to step out of my comfort zone and was in a bit of a rut…this trip was the perfect antidote for my ailments, lol.  Taking this trip ‘solo’  gave me the ‘jump-start’ I was in desperate need of, and I’m so looking forward to the next one!  Thanks Steve for providing this avenue for us. I think you’ve found a niche. Best of Luck!” Rosa from Chicago, Big Island ’11