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Travel Photo of the Day: Sea Turtle in Hawaii

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Big Island turtles
We know the BEST hidden spots to swim and photograph the sea turtles of Hawaii!

In honor of our all inclusive Hawaii group tours next week we thought this up close and personal shot of a Big Island sea turtle is appropriate. This travel photo of the day sums up an amazing part of our trip perfectly: Hawaiian sea turtles everywhere! In addition to various black sand beaches that these guys call home we also take our travel club to a hidden lagoon filled with sea turtles called Kiholo Bay. And we mean FILLED with over 50 turtles lying in the sun and swimming in the lagoon. The photo opportunities are endless here and we never get sick of photographing these amazing creatures. If you’ve never been to Hawaii and never seen a sea turtle you gotta come with us. We guarantee you’ll get to see and photograph lots of Hawaiian turtles!

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