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Travel Photo of the Day: Sādhus

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Sādhus (also knowns as babas, yogis, sannyasi, or vairags) are wandering males (females are known as sādhvīnes) affiliated with a wide variety of Hindu religious orders and can be found throughout India and Nepal. Highly respected by Hindus and the local culture, food is often offered in exchange for blessings and prayers.

Referred to as “the silent ones” or “the long-haired ones” in ancient literature, their way of living is regarded as the highest form of religious life and revered by Hindus as representatives of their gods. Similar to other religions & spiritual practices, sadhus often take a vow of chastity and live in poverty, giving up all worldly possessions. They survive on the charity of the locals around them and often cut ties with their family and friends.

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