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Travel Photo of the Day: Icelandic Mountain

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It is a well known fact that Iceland sits on top of two tectonic plates with frequent earthquakes and intense volcanic activity. This is why Iceland is a country full of interesting lava formations, rock sculptures, mountains, and volcanoes of all shapes, sizes, and form.

In the Westfjords, you can find high table-top mountains with narrow fjords in between but the mountains by the fjords in the east of the country are more rugged and harsh.

It’s a well known fact that Iceland has a lot of mountains/volcanoes. In fact, they have about 130 volcanic mountains and would it surprise you to know that 18 have erupted since the settlement of Iceland 1100 years ago? On average, Iceland experiences a volcanic event every four to five years.

To put it into perspective, Iceland total area is about 39,768.50 square miles while the USA is 3.797 million square miles. The USA has about 169 geologically active volcanoes. Imagine that!

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