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Travel Photo of the Day: Mekong Boy in Vietnam

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mekong group tours
If you could only see the hustle & bustle of the Mekong River markets all around this relaxing boy!

Our travel club is gearing up for another altruistic adventure to Vietnam & Cambodia this January 2014. The last trip was an incredible experience for all of us as we got to give back to local schools, orphanages, and even a remote village. In addition to photographing Angkor Wat, Saigon, and Phnom Penh, traveling along the different markets of the Mekong River was an adventure in itself and a delight to capture. This is one of our favorite shots of a boy lounging on a makeshift hammock as the bustling markets unfold all around him (and us).  He was quite used to and unphased by the loud boat engines and farmers bartering for their produce. Join us in January for our next group tour to Southeast Asia!

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3 Replies to “Travel Photo of the Day: Mekong Boy in Vietnam”

Mary @ Green Global Travel
February 24, 2014
He looks very relaxed. You can tell that he is definitely used to the loud noises and life that surrounds him. Thanks for sharing.
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