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Travel Photo of the Day: Rainbow Lava Flow, Big Island Hawaii

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Lava Flows Hawaii
Amazing shot we got on our Big Island Adventure of an active lava flow with a rainbow!!!

Boy did our travel club get lucky on this day during one of our Big Island adventure trips this year. The lava from Kilauea Volcano had not been flowing above ground for almost a year but rose to the surface in a series of eruptions flowing into the ocean just in time for us! It wasn’t a walk in the park getting to the flows this time– about 6 miles round trip over newly hardened lava. This type of lava is gorgeous and still shimmers silver in the light as it slowly hardens over time. When we finally made it to the coastal cliffs where rivers of lava were flowing into the ocean and creating brand new black sand beaches, we’d been dumped on 4 times by passing rain storms. The heat from the lava is so intense we were again dry in minutes!

It’s not often we get to witness Hawaii’s powerful force of nature forcing liquid magma up from the earth’s mantle. Each year we do these Hawaii group tours we pray for the opportunity to show our members this unforgettable phenomenon of the way our world creates new earth. The Big Island continues to grow each year.

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4 Replies to “Travel Photo of the Day: Rainbow Lava Flow, Big Island Hawaii”

January 25, 2013
Wow, was on a cruise and got to go by lava it was so beautiful at night. Love this picture during the day!
    January 25, 2013
    That's awesome! We haven't done that yet but getting to walk right up to it is pretty sweet (and scary too haha)
Samuel Jeffery
January 27, 2013
What an absolutely gorgeous shot! The rainbow really makes it for me :)
    January 29, 2013
    Thanks Samuel--it was so amazing to be there in person!
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