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Travel Photo of the Day: Kauai Beaches and Coastline

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Kauai (or Kaua’i) is also known as the Garden Isle due to its plentiful rains and spectacularly lush landscapes. The island has been featured in more than seventy Hollywood movies and television shows including Lilo and Stitch, Jurassic World, Indiana Jones, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

There is something for everyone in Kauai: dramatic canyons, gorgeous waterfalls, vibrant rainforests, & astounding coastlines.  It’s also home to some of Hawaii’s most beautiful beaches. In fact, Kauai has more accessible beaches than any of the other Hawaiian islands, including 50 miles of white sand to sunbathe, surf, snorkel, and spot whales & sea turtles.

We captured this image on one of our fantastic Kauaia group tours! The blowhole is famously known as “Spouting Horn”. It’s essentially a lava tube that collapsed, creating a “roof” for water to rush in and get forced out the top. When the waves are the right size and the timing is just right (which is often), awesome geyser-like eruptions happen here almost every day. Join us on our next Kauai adventure to see and photograph it for yourself!

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