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Travel Photo of the Day: The Stare (Egypt Black Desert Oasis)

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Egypt Oasis
One of our favorite travel photos of a boy living in one of the oasis’ in the black desert of Egypt!

Egypt is a tough country to visit today. With the ongoing political turmoil post revolution, certain things that used to be easy are now logistically challenging and sometimes a little dangerous. Our travel club went on an awesome group tour to Egypt and Petra a few years back when it was still manageable. This is one of our favorite travel shots from our excursion to the Black and White Deserts of Western Egypt. This boy stared straight into the camera as he combed his hair on his dad’s truck.

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2 Replies to “Travel Photo of the Day: The Stare (Egypt Black Desert Oasis)”

Mary @ Green Global Travel
September 27, 2013
I have seen and taken so many images of people grooming in public in ways that are not common in North America. Women washing their hair behind a tea house in Nepal, or groups doing laundry in a river under a much used trail in India, etc. Your image reminds me of these unexpected and intimate moments that we share with strangers as we explore their home countries.
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