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Travel Photo of the Day: Contemplation (Cambodian Girl)

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cambodia group tours
We love the expression on this young girl’s face while we explored Cambodia in 2012!

Some of our favorite photos of all time are of the local people we encounter from our group tours around the world. Our 2012 Cambodia group tours did not disappoint and we came home with some really touching images like this one of a younger Cambodian girl hanging out by the side of the road. Her expression seems to be one of contemplation, but what we love most is the maturity and wisdom that seems to emanate at the same time. Travel photography is a real highlight on these adventures in Southeast Asia.

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0 Replies to “Travel Photo of the Day: Contemplation (Cambodian Girl)”

I wonder what she was thinking about in that moment. You're right that you can see some wisdom and maturity emanating from it. Thanks for sharing this!
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