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Travel Photo of the Day: Camping in Antarctica

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antarctica group tour

Want to go camping? In Antarctica?!? Despite the freezing cold with ice and snow as far as the eye can see, it’s less insane than it sounds! You don’t need any experience since a team of expedition guides will set up and supervise the adventure. This once-in-a-lifetime Antarctic camping excursion is limited to just a few operators. And yes, ours is one of them!

We snapped the above image during our last open-air camping excursion. Once ashore, bivouac bags, which are waterproof and lightweight alternatives to tents, allow for mind-blowing views of the Antarctic sky before dozing off for a few hours (if you can). The outer bivouac keeps everything inside nice and dry, while 2-3 more layers of insulation plus the sleeping bag fit snuggly inside. Who needs tents when you can dig a small hole, build an igloo wall around it to shield the wind, and jump into this warm sack of heaven? Since this experience is doable only during the summer season, it never gets completely dark and the sun will set for less than an hour or hover above the horizon and not set at all!

The experience is short-lived though, due to the Antarctic Treaty and IAATO regulations which do not allow stoves, fuel, or food onshore with the exception of approved emergency rations, survival gear, water, and medical supplies. This is why campers are taken to shore only after dinner and head back to the ship before breakfast the next morning. And, most importantly, the campsites are always made in places where wildlife will not be disturbed.

Take the adventure of a lifetime and sign up for our Antarctica group tour!

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