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Travel Photo of the Day: Africa Leopards Facts

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Did you know that leopards already extinct in certain countries, mostly Asia, like Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, North Korea and Laos among others. Do you know other quirky facts about them?

  1. Forget night vision googles! Did you know that, compared to humans, leopards can see seven times better in the dark because of their adaptive retinas?
  2. It’s often said that you don’t see leopards often but this is far from the truth! They can be seen in a variety of habitats like the desert country to high mountains, equatorial forests to coasts.
  3. We’ve seen on various videos that leopards eat smaller animals but they also eat fish, insects,, birds, rodents, porcupines, monkeys, mongoose, baboons, genets and reptiles.
  4. It can be hard to tell a male and a female leopard apart but a simple way can be jus to look at the difference in their size. A male leopard is usually bigger and heavier than a female one.
  5. Evil geniuses aren’t the only ones who have lairs. Young cubs are also hidden in lairs by their mama to protect them from being somebody’s dinner. These lairs can be anything from outcrops of granite boulders, old aardvark holes made in the side of termite mounds, or dense thickets at the bottom of deep galleys. The mama also move their lair around to avoid being discovered by other predators.

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