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Destination Travel Guide: Uruguay

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Punta Del EsteAlthough it’s not the most famous South American destination, Uruguay is nonetheless a beautiful nation with plentiful charm. Its coastline is home to all the luxuries when it comes to sand and sun, while its interior offers more challenging adventures. Better still, Uruguay is considered one of the leading destinations for ethical tourism in modern times.

Travelers will be interested in searching for these destinations in our Uruguay travel guide:

• Uruguay’s Rocha: Although much of Uruguay’s coastline has beenuruguay travel guide built-up to support an influx of tourists, there are still places where more rustic and peaceful accommodations can be found. One place in particular is Uruguay’s Rocha Department, which boasts the easternmost stretch of its coastline. Travelers to these ocean-side communities can photograph some spectacular sights while indulging in aquatic sports, hikes, & relaxing on the beach.

Palacio Salvo • Montevideo is one of the more popular tourist destinations in Uruguay. A main attraction are the bustling nightclubs and other entertainment venues, but others might also appreciate its eclectic range of architectural designs. Examples range from the Palacio Salvo to the Art Deco-influenced 18 de Julio Avenue.

• Much of the tourism in Uruguay is focused on its coastline. However, don’tUruguay destinations miss out on exploring its interior. Posta del Chuy is ripe with adventure within the heart of Uruguay. Visitors can head out on sporting expeditions and sample the local foods at this historic inn that doubles as a ranch.

The destinations mentioned here are meant to get your travel bug itching for Uruguay but there is so much more this often overlooked South American gem has to offer! We look forward to planning an Uruguay group trip with our travel club in the coming years!

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