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Destination Travel Guide: Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka highlight mapSri Lanka is known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” because of its location, but the rest can be attributed to its natural splendor. We hope to plan a group adventure to Sri Lanka one of these days so check out some highlights below to get your travel bug jittering!

* Anuradhapura is the modern capital of North Central Province, but was made an UNESCO World Heritage site forBuddhism Anuradhapura its illustrious past as a political and religious epicenter for over 1000 years. It’s considered one of the most sacred places on earth to the Buddhist faith and the city itself is considered a “shrine”. In modern times, it is home to both the palaces & Buddhist monasteries that have survived the passage of time and the ruins of those that did not. animals in Yala

* Yala National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka due to its enormous size and diversity perfect for adventure travel. It’s divided into five separate sections, encompassing a range of ecosystems filled with fauna and flora living in this nutrient rich land. Although only two of the sections are open to the public, visitors still have the chance to see birds, bears, leopards, and even elephants out on the roads and in the wild.  Yala is also home to the remnants of past civilizations, some of which still retain significance for the local cultures. Thus, Yala National Park is rich in both natural and cultural attractions for travelers.

* Based in Sabaragamuwa Province, the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is a government run organization protecting the continued see sri lanka elephantsexistence of Asian elephants. Handlers at the orphanage care for orphaned elephants found in the forests of Sri Lanka, but also host a breeding program in hopes of bolstering their falling numbers. Visitors to the orphanage can see elephants in their natural habitat and in the direct care of staff. Visit Pinnawala and help contribute to the preservation of this amazing creature!

The recent political & military turbulence of Sri Lanka’s recent past is coming to and end. Since 2009 the island nation has re-opened its doors to travelers and is an excellent destination for adventure & photography lovers like us! Stay tuned for our first group tour to Sri Lanka…

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Not sure what to think about that harpoon looking instrument the guy in the elephants pic is wielding.
Interesting post. I'm sure Sri Lanka is a great place to visit. I agree with Devlin... what is that?! I hope he isn't harming those animals. :-(
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