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Destination Travel Guide: Rwanda: Caves, Rain Forests, & Gorillas Oh My!

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Rwanda Travel Guide, Great Travel PhotographyRwanda, known as the “land of a thousand hills”, is a unique destination for travel photography. It’s perhaps best known as one of the few destinations in the whole world where you can encounter majestic mountain gorillas! We’ll tell you about our favourite parts of this astounding country in this weeks destination travel guide.

Gorrillas and volcanoes: Seemingly endless mountains surround the peaks of the VirungaGorillas Safaris Rwanda volcanoes, where hidden among the jungle and bamboo thickets are mountain gorillas who have inspired travellers from all over the world to come and see them on a gorilla safari. Tracking gorillas is truly a once in a lifetime experience! The travel photography opportunities here are endless and even if you arent into that aspect of the experience, just being there with them is life changing!

Rwanda photographyThe Forest: Nyungwe Forest is ideal for a group travel experience. Africa’s largest and oldest protected mountain rainforest, Nyungwe is an important habitat to many primates including large populations of chimpanzees, and over 300 species of birds making it an ideal destination for birders and wildlife photographers. With plants, animals, and habitats found nowhere else on earth, the extensive camping and hiking trails make the park more accessible for those interested in travel photography or group travel.

Tea: No visit to Rwanda is complete without a journey to a tea plantation to see Rwanda’s number one export. The volcanic soils are perfectrwanda tea for growing tea and the quality of green tea leaves is among the best in the world. Even if you’re not a tea drinker the landscapes at these plantations are breathtaking for photography and the cultural experience is well worth it.

rwanda cavesCaves: Relatively new and less well known are the Musanze Caves. The caves have been developed in collaboration with Rwanda’s Ministry of Defense. Now complete with walkways and trails, they offer fascinating insights into the geological history of this volcanic region that dates back 65 million years. Bring your tripods for some long exposures and fantastic images.

Whether you are looking for unforgettable experiences with primates or more interested in the diverse geography and lush green scenery of this mountain paradise, Rwanda is a destination that will stay with you forever. Stay tuned for our group tour to Rwanda for a life changing Gorilla Safari and travel photography expedition!

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One Reply to “Destination Travel Guide: Rwanda: Caves, Rain Forests, & Gorillas Oh My!”

May 20, 2014
Looks like a super fun, well-rounded trip. Everyone knows about Safari tours but how cool to have an up close experience sighting gorillas!
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