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Destination Travel Guide: Must See’s on Nicaragua Group Tours

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nicaragua group toursCentral America group tours are not complete without a visit to Nicaragua, which shares some of the same attractions as Costa Rica to its southeast and Honduras to its northwest. Nicaragua boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet, filled with adventure travel activities and the cultural legacies of its colonial past.

Check out these examples that will make group trips to Nicaragua memorable for adventure and photography travel lovers alike:

  • Masaya is one of the most important cities in Nicaragua’s capital region because it isMasaya Market home to some of its most interesting cultural landmarks. For example, the 19th Century fortress called El Coyotepe provides unmatched views of the surroundings, while El Mercado Viejo market is home to all manner of Nicaraguan handicrafts. But wait, there’s more! Masaya is close to Laguna de Apoyo, a lagoon lake in the crater of an inactive volcano. It’s just about as cool as it sounds!

Coffee Making Matagalpa, By Yuri Cortez, Courtesy of

  • The Northern Highlands tend to be cooler and wetter than the rest of Nicaragua, making them perfect for country’s most important agricultural industries. Matagalpa is an ideal starting point for tourists intent on visiting the cattle ranches and coffee plantations that fill the region. Furthermore, its closeness to nature means convenient access to exciting activities such as hiking, horseback riding, and mountain-based ecotourism.

  • The Canyon de Somoto has a depth of about 650 ft, with 300 ftNicaragua Canyon of sheer cliff descending into a winding river. Visitors can hire a local tour guide to explore the canyon, but more adventurous travelers might be interested in following the river upstream on their own.

As always, the “Nicaragua must-sees” in this destination travel guide are but a small selection of the countries growing appeal. 

Now is the time to visit before the tourism industry becomes too large and Nicaragua’s great secrets become overcrowded! Stay tuned for Nicaragua group tours with our travel club!

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