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Destination Travel Guide: Myanmar (Burma)

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Myanmar CultureMyanmar, also known as Burma, is a country filled with rich culture and beautiful landscapes. Due to its former political situation, Myanmar’s tourism industry is less developed compared to even its smaller neighbors. However, this does not mean that it is devoid of spectacular sights and experiences. In fact, since the recent political transition toward a democratic government, Myanmar is becoming more welcoming to tourists and easier to explore. Here are three highlights of Myanmar you should definitely check out:

* Founded by King Mindon of the Konbaung Dynasty, Mandalay served as the royal capital for 26 years Pagodasuntil the British invasion. Today, it is both the cultural and religious center of Myanmar, home to numerous religious sites and places of historical significance. Highlights include the Mandalay Palace, Maha Muni Pagoda, and the Sanda Muni Pagoda.

Myanmar Archipelago* Mergui Archipelago is made up of more than 800 islands to the south. Visitors to the remote region can access exotic diving sites while on cruise. Surrounding waters feature a dazzling array of sea life from rays and whale sharks to coral and undersea caverns.

* Inle Lake is part of the Shan Hills of the Shan State. Although it’s neither the biggest nor the deepest lake in theBurma Sunsets country, Inle Lake boasts both a picturesque landscape and a unique ecosystem that offers plentiful photograph opportunities.

Things are looking up for Myanmar. It’s never been a better time to explore this Southeast Asian gem. Stay tuned for a unique group tour to Myanmar with our travel club!


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4 Replies to “Destination Travel Guide: Myanmar (Burma)”

January 13, 2013
Thanks Steve Looking forward to hearing about your trip to Burma.
    January 15, 2013
    Yeah we will hopefully have one planned for 2014!
Laura @Travelocafe
January 14, 2013
You have convicted me... one day I have to go to Burma.
    January 15, 2013
    You really do! Go soon before too many tourists start going!
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