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Destination Travel Guide: Japan

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Travel to JapanJapan is a fascinating land. Japanese cities offer both modern conveniences and rich cultural ones. Individuals willing to venture outside of the cities can discover a beautiful, semi-tamed landscape built up over countless generations of history, influence, and advancement.
Check out just a few highlights to get you off on a tour through Japan:

* Once honored as the imperial capital, Kyoto is one of the oldest and most cultured cities in Japan. It is homeKyoto photography courtesy of to countless architecture, shows, museums, and other activities of cultural significance. Visit places such as Kamo shrines, the Golden Pavilion at Kinkaku-ji, and the zen garden at Ryoan-ji

* Long respected as one of Japan’s most sacred sites, Mount Fuji has also become a popular
sightseeing destination since tourism began its rise. Sightseers can climb ash-dusted slopes,
hike through the mountainside trails, and even paraglide around the monolith. People often climb Mount Fuji at night to watch the sun rise from its summit.

Hokusai - Mount Fuji courtesy of

* Kumano Kodo refers to a number of pilgrimage routes leading through the Kii Peninsula.
 Stops along the routes offer a diverse sampling of Japanese culture, the nation’s beautiful landscape, and exploration of some of its holiest shrines. This is a perfect option for off the path travelers searching for a unique adventure in Japan.

Japan has no shortage of cultural sites and beautiful natural landscapes. Finding them is as
Courtesy of as heading to one of its storied cities and letting the wind and people of this nation take you from there…

You better believe our travel club is itching to get a group tour to Japan together for an upcoming trip. Soon enough!





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