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Destination Travel Guide: Brazilian Amazon

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southern Brazil AmazonAlthough the Amazon rainforest sprawls across territories of nine South American nations, 60% of its expanse lies inside the borders of Brazil. Combined, its eco-regions make up more than half of all remaining rain forests on the planet, making it one of the richest depositories of both fauna and flora. The result is the Amazon rain-forest teeming with opportunities for both eco-tourism and exotic nature adventures.

monkeys in brazil

• Cabo Orange National Park stands out among other Brazilian national parks because it sits on the coast. As a result, it is home to the gradual transition from the Atlantic Ocean to the depths of the Amazon rain forest  Tourists can photograph this unique landscape riding on boats sailing from Oiapoque.Cabo Orange National Park

• Jau National Park is ideal for travelers interested in seeing the Amazon rainforest while retaining access to comfortable accommodations. It is one of the few national parks possessing the infrastructure needed to support the influx of tourists. However, it is also famous for renting out canoes that can be used to cross its vast expanse.

• Mamiraua is almoamazon slothsst covered in flooded rainforest, meaning that sightseeing is best done using rented canoes. However, there are also hiking trails marked for the sake of intrepid travelers. Exotic animal species such as sloths, toucans, and even pink dolphins can all be found in this reserve.

Given the sheer size of the Amazon rain forest  it should come as no surprise that there are other tropical frogssightseeing opportunities out there. Since the Amazon rainforest is lacking in tourism infrastructure, travelers should consider hiring specialized guides to see some of the more exotic but also less accessible sites.

We’ll be doing just that in our upcoming Brazil group tour!!!

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4 Replies to “Destination Travel Guide: Brazilian Amazon”

The GypsyNesters
August 27, 2013
This is SO on our bucket list! Have a great adventure. -Veronica
Marina K. Villatoro
August 28, 2013
I've been to Brazil, but I never been to the Amazon From the Brazilian side, but from Bolivia and Peru. A place that is super special and one that I want to bring my kids to see so that they too understand how important it is.
One of the most amazing aspects of the Amazon, in my opinion, is the sheer amount of flora and fauna. Can't wait to go one day myself. Thanks for sharing!
Mary @ Green Global Travel
August 30, 2013
This sounds like the itinerary of a lifetime! Thank you for the fabulous and concisely written short list of some of the hottest regions that the Amazon has to offer. It is especially perfect for those seeking to interact with the numerous wildlife specific to the region!
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