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Destination Travel Guide: Bhutan

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Happiness in BhutanBhutan is not the most well known nation out there but some might be familiar with the name based on the land-bound country’s consistent high placement on happiness rankings. The Government of Bhutan has restricted the influx of tourists making the entrance both expensive and time consuming to secure but for those who go through the motions to get in, they’re welcomed with a delightfully unique, and culturally eye opening experience.

Check out these 3 highlights for your first vacation to Bhutan:

Thimphu: Similar to other capitals, Thimphu is popular because it is home to numerous Bhutan capital monuments and historical legacies. Examples range from the Fortress of the Glorious Religion to celebrated fortress-monasteries such as the Palace of the Profound Meaning of Secret Mantras. Thimphu is also home to an ever-increasing number of nightclubs, hotels, & restaurants while serving as a convenient hub for transportation to local attractions.

Tiger's Nest BhutanParo Taktsang: Sometimes called the Tiger’s Nest, Paro Taktsang is a sacred site for Himalayan Buddhists built right into the cliffside of the Paro Valley. Legends claim that it is the site where Padmasambhava (the second Buddah) entered the land riding a tiger and began introducing Buddhism to the surrounding region. In modern times, the climb to see the site provides a spectacular view of Paro Valley and the surrounding cultural landmarks celebrating Buddhism in the Himalayas.

Treking: Bhutan is home to numerous treks through its mountainousBhutan treks landscape. However, one of the most challenging is the Snowman Trek, which crosses six mountains and nine passes. In total, the experience lasts 25 days, covering both Bhutan’s unspoiled landscape and its rich cultural heritage.

Although Bhutan is not as accessible as some of its neighbors, it is an excellent place for adventure travelers interested in challenging its heights and photography lovers looking for awe-inspiring landscapes and authentic cultural images in one of the most remote countries on the planet! We’ll be scouting out this incredible country for future group tours to Bhutan so stay tuned! 

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3 Replies to “Destination Travel Guide: Bhutan”

    January 22, 2014
    Thanks Devlin
May 3, 2014
Bhutan is so high on our list. I actually believe more and more people know about it now and have it in their back pocket as that dream destination they want to go to someday. I hope we get there soon before anything changes. I know they have restrictions now, but who knows, once the tourism dollars really start flooding in, you never know if the government will become greedy. It happens so often, it could here. I hope not though and so far the future is looking bright.
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