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Destination Travel Guide: Adventures in Belize!

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belize travel guideIf you are looking for a tropical location that offers stunning beaches, vast coral reefs, amazing caves, and a laid back attitude to life, look no further. It’s why Belize is one of the top destinations in Central America and our travel club will be planning a small group tour here soon. We recommend the below highlights for an adventure trip to Belize:

      • Belize has a large network of fascinating and mystical caves. The ancient Mayans thought some caves were a portal to the underworld. Many of the explored caves in Belize show evidence that the Mayans built fire pits, burial mounds, ritual altars, and brought pottery and bones. Tunichil Muknal is in the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve near San Ignacio and is one of the best known caves tied to the Mayan belief system. Discovered in 1992, it wadventure travel belizeas featured in the National Geographic Explorer film, “Journey through the Underworld”. This cave is famous for many relics including the amazing “Crystal Maiden”, a set of human sacrificial remains which has been covered over the years by limestone crystals.

Blue Hole Belize Diving

Some of the best diving in the world is a well known highlight of Belize. Experienced divers often travel here to see the “Great Blue Hole”. An enormous sinkhole, it creates a perfect circle of deep blue water right off the coast. Inside the hole the water goes down almost 500 ft giving it this deep blue color. From here you can observe fantastic limestone formations and stalactites, which get more intense, and incredible to photograph the deeper you dive.

  • Adventure travel lovers should visit the tallest waterfall in Belize in the Mountain PineBelize Water Falls Ridge, Hidden Valley Falls. They plummet an extraordinary 1600 feet down a steep cliff into the forest below. A look out point only a few hundred yards away from the waterfall offers incredible views. Although you cannot see the base of the waterfall from here, it’s possible to take a guided hike down the mountain for more great photos and to have a swim in the deep pool at the falls base.

From fascinating Mayan temples, to a rich variety of underwater life, to the spectacular diversity in landscapes & scenery packed into this tiny land, you’ll want to return to Belize for a second and third look. It may the smallest country in Central America, but it has lots of adventure and great travel photography to experience again and again. Keep your eyes out for an exciting group tour to Belize with our travel club down the road!


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5 Replies to “Destination Travel Guide: Adventures in Belize!”

Laura @Travelocafe
February 26, 2014
I have never considered Belize as a destination for my travels. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. The first pic is wonderful.
February 27, 2014
I have never thought about this destination. The cave looks fantastic but a fear would stop me from diving.
March 1, 2014
wow, one of my dream place to live but i heard that crime is pretty high in Belize, not really sure bout that thou.
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