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Travel Photo of the Day: Green Sand Beach of Big Island Hawaii!

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hawaii green sand beach
Look closely: See a few of our members standing at the edge of the green sand beach cliff?
big island green sand
Panoramic view of this unique green beach!

On one of our many adventures to the Big Island we hiked to the only green sand beach in Hawaii! Papakōlea Beach is located near the southern tip of the Big Island known as South Point. This is actually the southernmost spot in the USA. Though the beach in these photo’s might not look that green we swear it is! Made from the green mineral olivine from a collapsed volcanic cinder cone, the ocean has created this unique beach over thousands of years of erosion. On a sunny day the green colors really come out but on this day the clouds make the sand a darker, greenish-brown. We still had a blast stumbling down the steep crater wall to the beach and got great photographs like these. Come with us next time on our Big Island group tours in search of greener photos of these Hawaiian green sands!

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3 Replies to “Travel Photo of the Day: Green Sand Beach of Big Island Hawaii!”

Laura @Travelocafe
January 26, 2014
Oh, I love the panoramic view. Keep on doing this kind of shots.
May 3, 2014
We gotta get to the Big Island. Only been to Maui and Lanai, but there is so much more to see in Hawaii!
    May 7, 2014
    OMG you do!! The Big Island is the BEST ONE! (You haven't really been to Hawaii until you have thoroughly explored the Big Island). Kauai is also incredible and beats Maui and Lanai anyday...
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