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Turkey group tour

Transcontinental Paradise: Turkey Group Tours

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Turkey group tour

Whether you want to explore ancient monuments or traverse glorious landscapes, Turkey is the right destination for you. Straddling Asia and Europe, this transcontinental paradise never fails to impress. It is no wonder, then, that Turkey group tours are becoming a favorite of many.

From cultural experiences to nature adventures, all set against the backdrop of 10,000 years’ worth of human civilization, Turkey has it all.

We put together a list of Turkey travel destinations that you should not miss.

Turkey Highlights and Features

1. Cappadocia

Turkey group tourThis place is the stuff of movies. The hills and rock valleys are surreal and are a worthy addition to your Turkey photography adventure. Cappadocia is also home to one of the most popular UNESCO World Heritage Sites—Gerome National Park. You can go on a hiking tour or ride a hot air balloon to take in the breathtaking views: a charming combination of natural rock formations and the region’s diverse heritage. Trust us when we tell you this is a must-visit destination.

2. Pamukkale

From the golden landscapes of Cappadocia, we head to one of the most popular natural wonders in Turkey. The white travertine terraces of Pamukkale are appropriately called “Cotton Castle” in English. Each terrace cascades down along the slope, making it look like an otherworldly snowfield. Another reason to visit Pamukkale is the ruins of Hierapolis, an ancient spa town. This destination is most photogenic at dusk with the travertines glowing as the sun is going down.

3. Termessos

Due to its remoteness and impenetrable defense, Alexander the Great did not conquer this ancient city, otherwise known as the “Eagle’s Nest.” Sitting over a thousand meters on a remote mountaintop, Termessos features stone structures and ancient tombs. Enjoy the view of spectacular mountain vistas from its ancient amphitheater without worrying about crowds. This is the perfect destination for those who wish to explore beyond the busy touristic trails. Just be sure that you are prepared to take on the steep hike up the mountain. What waits for you at the top will make the journey worth it.

Turkey group tour4. Kekova Island Sunken Ruins

Turkey is littered with ruins of ancient towns—many of which sit on top of mountains or across vast landscapes. The ruins of the ancient sea-trading city of Simena, on the other hand, are found underwater. Dating from 2000 BCE, this city is believed to have been hit by violent earthquakes causing it to sink beneath the waters in the 2nd century CE. Fortunately, the ruins of this once-great city are still visible a few meters below the clear Mediterranean waters. The ruins feature a shipyard, public buildings, and houses. The surrounding area above water also features more houses, tombs, and a church. It is declared as a Specially Protected Area and tentative candidate for UNESCO World Heritage status. Currently, swimming, snorkeling, and related activities are forbidden. Tourists, however, can visit through a full-day cruise or via kayaks.

Turkey is truly unlike any other country you will ever visit. The remains of vibrant and rich ancient cultures are so beautifully set against natural landscapes and the gorgeous Mediterranean waters. Without a doubt, joining Turkey group tours will become one of the best decisions you will have made.

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