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Tikal photography tours

Largest Mayan Temple in the Americas!

This is a must-do pre-extension for our one of a kind Best of Central America Adventures!

If you’re coming with us to the best parts of Guatemala, Costa Rica, & Nicaragua, you best guatemalan mayan sitesmust come a few days early to experience the most amazing Mayan ruins in the world.  Tikal is a massive ancient city amidst the rainforest with over 3,000 buildings within 6 square miles (and thats just the central part!). To witness and photograph the largest Mayan Temple in the Americas would be worth the trip in and of itself, not to mention the incredible views from the top! The adventure doesn’t end here though because we’ll continue onto the beautiful Ixpanpajul Nature Preserve. This biodiverse, tropical wonderland is the perfect setting for all sorts of adventures including multiple zip line circuits, horseback riding, & 5 majestic canopy suspension bridges. 

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* 4 nights /5 Days Exploring Tikal & Yaxha Mayan Sites, and Ixpanpajul Nature Preserve.tikal monkeys

* Breakfast everyday

* 2 Lunches

* Boutique B&Bs & top rated hotels in excellent locations

* Domestic Airfare Guatemala City Flores Included

* Private, local expert guides throughout! 

Flores & Santa Elena

These sister towns make an excellent base for exploring the ancient Mayan cities and beautiful natural surroundings for the next few days. “With its cubist houses cascading down from a central plaza to the emerald waters of Lago de Petén Itzá, the island town of Flores evokes a Mediterranean ambience. A 500m causeway connects Flores to its humbler sister town of Santa Elena on the lake shore… Residents take great pride in their island-town’s gorgeousness, and a promenade runs around its perimeter. -Lonely Planet


best mayan sites

“The setting, the sheer size of the site, the number of excellently restored buildings and the abundant jungle flora and fauna all make (Yaxha) particularly worth visiting. During its heyday in the 8th century, it was home to a population of 20,000 (with its) 400-plus structures including) five acropolises, two astronomical observatories and three ball courts. The highYaxha pyramid point (literally), towering above all else, is Templo 216 in the Acrópolis Este (East Acropolis), which affords magnificent views in every direction.” -Lonely Planet

*  “Emerald Green Water” is the literal translation of Yaxha referring to the sacred waterways nearby. We’ll explore, photograph, and learn about this important ceremonial center for the Mayan civilization. It’s the perfect introduction to the regions incredible ancient cities and with the only twin pyramid complex outside of Tikal and a wonderful mix of archeology and stunning landscapes, Yaxha rivals it’s better known “ancient sister city” next door…

Tikal National Park 

The most striking feature of Tikal is its towering, steep-sided temples, rising to heights of more than 44m, but what distinguishes it is its jungle setting. Its many plazas have been cleared of trees and vines, its temples uncovered and partially restored, but as you walk from one building to another you pass beneath the dense canopy of rainforest amid the rich, loamy aromas of earth and vegetation. Much of the delight of touring the site comes from strolling the broad causeways, originally built from packed limestone to accommodate traffic between temple complexes. By stepping softly you’re more likely to spot monkeys, agoutis, foxes and ocellated turkeys.” – Lonely Planet

mayan temple tours

* Discover Tikal: Photograph and explore the remarkable, massive, ancient Mayan city. Our guide will show us the layout of the temples & architecture, and explain some of the interesting history &  theories of why the Mayans disappeared. Awesome opportunities to photograph not only the temples, but native wildlife including monkeys, parrots, macaws, and toucans!

Ixpanpajul Nature Preserve & Adventure Epicenter

“Sitting on a large stand of primary rain forest, hiking the suspended bridges of the skyway will give you a bird’s-eye view of the indigenous flora and fauna that make the rain forest the most biodiverse ecosystem on the planet. The park also offers a myriad of adventure opportunities, from nighttime ATV tours to horseback rides to mountain-bike excursions, and the Tarzán Canopy Tour zip line.” – Fodors

* Adventures & Photography in the most beautiful of settings: This natural, 1,110-acre forest preserve, located in the cradle of the Mayan civilization, is home to more than 200 species of trees, 150 species of birds and around 40 species of mammals. It’s the perfect destination for adventure & adrenaline junkies, nature lovers, & photographers. We’ll walk over breathtaking suspension bridges and winding trails on a skyway and then zipline right into the jungle canopy! This is the best way to witness and photograph nature from a bird’s-eye-view in the magical Petén forest. We’ll wrap up the day on ground level via horseback for a leisurely trot around a beautiful plantation of fruit trees.

* As always this entire trip will be amazing for photography and our tour director will be on hand to help those who want to learn more about using their camera’s, composing better images, etc. (PhotoFly Travel Club adventures are laid back when it comes to photography. They are not workshop style based tours and you do not need to be an avid photographer to join. All are welcome!)

* All Transfers Included

* Domestic Air Included

* International airfare not included but we’re happy to help you find the best flights as always. 

** Be sure to check out our Best of Central America Group Tours which begin right where this Tikal adventure leaves off! 

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