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Unlock Histories and Culture by joining the Mexico Group Tour

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Mexico is a gift that keeps on giving. This country is a favorite among many North American tourists and it is easy to see why. Aside from the fact that Mexico is considered to be one of the cheaper international destinations, it filled with attractions and escapades that will keep you coming back. Joining Mexico Group Tours is the adventure you really have to experience more than once.

Obviously, those who are just beginning to explore this country would want to hit Mexico City first. This capital is vibrant and huge. It is essentially where ancient meets modern, and the best place to be at the center of the entire spectacle is at the La Catedral Metropolitana—one of the oldest buildings in the entire country. Nearby are other impressive and historically significant buildings such as the Palacio Nacional. After hitting the main plaza (where the cathedral is located), fill your stomach with delicious Mexican food from market stalls or more high-end restaurants such as the internationally recognized Pujol Restaurant located in the Polanco District.

However, do not choose to limit yourself within the confines of the capital. Venture out into nearby cities where you will understand why the hype around Mexico as an adventurer’s dream coming true is justified.

1. Step into Mexico’s colonial past

Mexico’s colonial history gave birth to an impressive art and architecture landscape. Many of the cities have kept their colonial town plan, complete with their cobblestone streets and colonial buildings. In fact, the country has 10 cities designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site—now that is a lot of cities to explore. Among the must-visit sites are Merida (or the “white city”), Puebla (known for its Talavera pottery), and Guadalajara (the birth place of mariachi and tequila). These are cities are a joy to photograph, so you better keep your cameras (and spare batteries) ready.

2. Transport yourself to the ancient times

As if the country’s interesting colonial past isn’t enough, Mexico also serves its visitors with an ancient history that is so rich everyone still talks about it to this day. The Zapotecs, Olmecs, Mayas, and Aztecs have called Mexico their home, and the remains of these ancient civilizations will give you glimpses of their glory days. As a guide, the Yucatan Peninsula holds various Mayan archeological sites. One of which is Chichen Itza, chosen as one of the New 7 World Wonders. The main temple of the Aztecs is the Templo Mayor in Mexico City. Other sites include Monte Alban and Tulum.

3. Experience Mexican culture with the locals

Mexico is proud of its culture and traditions, as evidenced by their way of life and how they celebrate various important occasions. Complete your Mexico photography adventure by capturing the country’s colorful festivals. Their literally is something fun going on every month in Mexico, so we recommend timing your vacation according to specific festivals and fiestas you might be interested in experiencing. December, in particular, is a favorite of many because this is the month the country celebrates its patron saint, Our Lady of Guadalupe.
There are just so many incredible Mexico travel destinations that a single list is not enough. The above, however, is a good enough guide to help you make the most out of your Mexico group tours. Trust us, it is an experience you will keep coming back to.

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