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Nicaragua Group Tour

The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes: Nicaragua Group Tours

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Nicaragua Group TourWhile not nearly as popular as its neighbors Costa Rica and Panama, Nicaragua has been consistently rising to the top as a favorite destination of many travelers. And it is not difficult to see why! Lovingly called the land of lakes and volcanoes, Nicaragua offers a topography for every adventurer.

Nicaragua group tours take advantage of the country’s volcanic offerings. With nineteen active volcanoes, you would likely see one wherever you turn. Other than its captivating volcanoes, Nicaragua also has two gorgeous coastlines, making it a favorite among surfers, too.

Now, are you already convinced about visiting Nicaragua? Below are some of the unique things you can only do in this country.

Nicaragua Highlights and Features

1. Walk around a colonial city

Nicaragua Group TourGranada is by far the most popular among the Nicaragua travel destinations, and rightly so. For one, Granada has the most pleasant weather in Nicaragua—especially at night with the cooling breeze from Lake Nicaragua. But other than the weather, tourist often visit Granada for its history and colonial beauty. It boasts of grand architectural spaces, cobbled streets, and colorful facades. Among the most visited is the Convento y Museo San Francisco, the oldest church in Central America, built in 1585. There is so much history in this single architecture alone—the Convento was burnt to the ground twice, before finally being restored in 1989.

2. Board down a “young” volcano

Nicaragua Group TourYes indeed, volcano boarding is a thing—and in Nicaragua, it is among the most popular activities. The best place to volcano board is Cerro Negro, which, at 150 years old, is the youngest volcano in Central America. It is also the most active, adding another thrilling element as you hurdle down thousands of feet at more than 30 mph. Unsurprisingly, this is not for the faint of heart—but it is an adventure one can only experience in Nicaragua.

3. See Nicaragua’s version of the Grand Canyon

Only discovered in 2004, Somoto Canyon has been a well-kept secret among locals. But this beautiful canyon is worth every trip. It features turquoise blue water surrounded by limestone cliffs hundreds of feet high. The lower cliffs—of about 33 feet—are excellent for cliff jumping and canyoning. Or if you want a less active afternoon, you may opt to float around the warm water.

4. Chase volcanoes

Nicaragua Group TourIf chasing waterfalls is a thing, why not chase volcanoes, too? Because that is exactly what you will find yourself doing in Nicaragua. And what is even more amazing is that every volcano has something unique to offer. For example, you can volcano board, you can stare into a lava pit, or you can swim in a caldera. Be sure to keep your cameras ready too, because these volcanoes will make the most gorgeous subjects for a Nicaragua photography adventure.

Ah, Nicaragua is truly a dream. It offers a right mix of adventure and relaxation. It is no wonder then that Nicaragua group tours have become a favorite by many. But before this destination becomes hot and crowded (like its other counterparts), grab this opportunity to experience Nicaragua in its pure and untouched glory.

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