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Hungary Group Tours

The Danube and Beyond: Hungary Group Tours

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Hungary Group Tours

Evoking a strong sense of history and tradition, Hungary is your quintessential European destination. That is why for those looking to get to the heart of the continent, a stopover in this gorgeous country is a must, and rightly so. From the beautiful lights of Budapest—its capital city—to the quaint villages nearby, Hungary Group Tours reveal a country so charming you would not want to leave.

While the most common Hungary travel destinations are in the capital city itself—featuring historical landmarks exhibiting influences from the country’s early Turkish invaders and Italian Renaissance designers—it is not surprising that there is more to see beyond the city of lights. For example, Hungary has one of the most gorgeous and lush sceneries in the whole of Eastern Europe. It boasts of mountains and lakes, stunning river scenes (with the Danube running right through the country), and sprawling valleys. One does not only get a sense of history, but a taste of the great outdoors as well.

Hungary Group ToursWhether it is your first or seventh time, it is highly recommended to set aside time to wander outside the touristy spots and discover a different side of Hungary.

Hungary Highlights and Features

1. Explore a village on stilts

No, you are not in Asia. This is Hungary. Just 50 miles west of Budapest is the floating village of Bokod. This village is composed of tiny fishing houses built on wooden poles. Suspended over Lake Bokodi, explore two linear miles of cabins and cottages. And despite the frigid Hungarian winters, the water in this lake rarely freezes, all thanks to a nearby power plant using it is a cooling pod.

2. Have wine

Hungary Group ToursHungary offers several great wine-growing regions, but Tokaj is perhaps the most well-known and well-loved. This wine region is home to the famous Tokaji Aszu, a sweet dessert wine. The area is known for its white wines and seemingly endless scenery.

3. Experience healing in Lake Szelidi

Formed from an old branch of the Danube and running 200 m in width and 4 km in length, Lake Szelidi is a warm summer getaway, with locals visiting to relax and fish. The lake reportedly has therapeutic effects and is especially helpful for neurological, hormonal, or rheumatic cases.

4. Experiment with lights

Hungary Group ToursWhen you are in the City of Lights, it would be a waste not to take photos. Every Hungary photography adventure should begin and end in Budapest. The city especially looks photogenic at night when all the lights are on. Spots include the Budapest Chain Bridge, Parliament House, and Gresham Palace, among others.

Indeed, Hungary is a one-of-a-kind destination. Joining Hungary group tours is guaranteed to be one of the best travel choices one can make. And while you are in Hungary, consider making stops in nearby Poland or Czech Republic, as well.

What are you waiting for? Hungary awaits you. 

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