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The Best of Everything: Germany Group Tours

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germany group tour

Germany is not a new travel destination for tourists. In fact, many have added this western European country to their bucket list… and understandably so! Germany is a country for dreamers. It has everything from history to culture to gorgeous landscapes and nature excursions. There are attractions within the capital city and there are unique sights to see or experience beyond its vibrant cityscapes.

Germany group tours let you have a feel of all the best things the country has to offer. Confused where to begin? We have listed three of our favorite Germany travel destinations and activities below.

Germany Highlights and Features

germany group tour1. Rakotzbrücke Devil’s Bridge

Do not let the name intimidate you. The term devil’s bridge has been used to refer similar bridges across Europe that are characterized by their peculiar form or structure. Just like the Rakotzbrücke, these bridges are considered to be so dangerous that many believe they must have been built by Satan. But despite its classification, the Rakotzbrücke is anything but sinister. It is nestled in flourishing foliage and forms a perfect circle when reflected in the waters underneath it. The thin arch, commissioned in 1860, is built from different local stones. In order to preserve the bridge, crossing is prohibited, but visitors can get a good view of the perfect circle from the park. It is highly recommended to visit during the fall.

2. Berlin Botanical Garden

This is the second largest botanical garden in the world. The Botanical Garden in Berlin was initially built as a kitchen garden before it evolved into what is today—an impressive assembly of various plants. The garden is 43 hectares and holds almost 22,000 plant species, many of which are endangered in their natural habitats. It features gardens, 16 greenhouses, and landscapes that mirror nature’s diversity. The place is massive and could get quite overwhelming, but worth it! A single visit will not be enough to see everything. If unfortunately your time is limited, make the following your priority must-see: carnivorous plants, giant water lilies, and the Great Pavilion (the largest glasshouse in the world). It does feel like you are stepping into a fairy tale, so be sure to add this to your Germany photography adventure.

germany group tour3. Munich’s Marienplatz

When you wish to venture into another city , the country’s third largest city may be your next best choice – Munich. It is just as eclectic and interesting as the capital, and at the very heart of Munich is Marienplatz, its grand square. Historically, this was an important space for traders and businesses. Nowadays, the square is lined with shops, restaurants, and cafés, among others. Visit the old and new townhalls—Neues Rathaus and Altes Rathaus—the Mariensäule built in 1638, and the 19th century fountain Fischbrunnen known for its bronze figures.

Indeed, what is not to love about Germany? It is perfect to visit all throughout the year, and the attractions are distinct and many. You will never regret signing up for Germany group tours.

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